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through the looking glass, accepting over understanding

Hi, I'm Dea and welcome to 'Selene Addicted'. This blog was previously 'tukimacchi' but I changed it because I think this name suits me and this blog more. I'm sharing everything that I'm addicted to here from beauty and makeup to food and music, but mostly beauty bits! learner 24/7 and Virgo to boots, I'm very passionate about things I love and I'd love to discuss/talk about it. Don't be shy to leave some comments/question!
(I post every Tuesday/Friday and some extra on weekend)

Some of My Favorite Things;

SHINee | Burberry | Jill Stuart | Bobbi Brown | Pancious | Liz Lisa


All writing and photographic material on this blog is written and photographed by me (unless explicitly stated otherwise). Copyright of all contents belong to me/this website. Please do not re-post all photographic material on this site before you ask for my permission. Re-using of written material is allowed as long as you credit me by linking or redirecting or citing me/this website.
 All products discussed here are purchased by me unless explicitly stated otherwise. All opinions are honest and is my own, written by my consciousness. Please bear in mind what works for me might now works for other person.
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