Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Flush

The sweltering heat calls for healthy and glowing, which means highlighter for so many people, and cheeks for some other; like me! I have large pores, so choosing summer-appropriate blush that often comes with shimmer/glitter for that extra glow, can be intimidating. Right formula makes such big differences when it comes to these kind of blushers.

There's no doubting my love for BOBBI BROWN blush in Nectar. It's not as raved as other high end blushers, I personally find it baffling with how incredible this blush is. Biled as matte, this actually comes more as 'satin' in term of finish with the way it makes my cheeks glow in a very natural way. Packed with insane lasting power, you don't have to worry about sweat melting this off from your skin.

I'd say JILL STUART blush is the Japanese equivalent of Hourglass' blushers except I never try them, but if descriptions in internet is right, then this pretty much is. Imparting beautiful radiance onto the cheeks, with it's medium pigmentation, you can never go overboard with this dreamy peachy-pink blusher.

Picture doesn't do this dainty little thing justice. THE SAEM was under my radar until I picked this blush on a whim. While the formula is sub-par compared to the previous two, this is still a beautiful blusher in term of finish. The golden flecks look intimidating on pan, but upon application, it doesn't emphasize my pores at all, delivering a subtle golden sheen onto my skin.

What are your summer blushers pick?
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