Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Favorite One Wash Wonders

For someone who talks about beauty, I'm actually on the 'rubbish' side when it comes to applying eye shadow, I cannot even do smokey eyes right to safe a life (ahem - my sister's life ,actually). Either it's my incompetency or I'm just too into 'energy-saving' when it comes to it. One-wash wonder is more my thing, especially these three.

BURBERRY Gold Pearl; you might be thinking 'oh, this again?', which is exactly the testament of how much I love this eye shadow. Burberry's color range might not be exciting for some people (brown and nude and neutrals), but for me, the whole charm of its eye shadow lies in its formula. Easily applicable with buttery texture, lack of cough-inducing powderiness, intense pigmentation with glow-inducing finish; exactly what you'd want from such luxurious product.

NARS Isolde; my most recent eyeshadow purchase quickly make it to the list, no wonder. I'm smitten with the golden color which has slight orange-ness on it, either because it's actually there or because of my skin color. The shade actually makes the ey eshadow more dimensional than being the classic gold, taking away the 'boringness' of one-wash wonder.

ZOEVA Caramel Melange; shade '18 C' is 'dearly abused' ever since I got my hand on this palette. The only downside about this palette is its powderiness, yet it doesn't stop me from applying this pearl orange shadow on my lids.

What are you favorite one wash wonders?
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