Saturday, July 8, 2017

5 Products I cannot Live without

"Products I cannot Live without" is such a classic post for blogger. While I do not have them for makeup category, skincare is a whole another story. My skin condition is heavily reliant on the products I used, once I found the right routine, I'm not inclined to change just for the sake of trying new product if it means 'jeopardizing' my skin's health.

For years, I've been loyal user of SHISEIDO Perfect Whip, exactly because of how good it is. It's thick, creamy, and lathered up right with foaming net gives you such a dense ball of foam for heavenly cleansing experience. Whenever I tried to swerve lane by using another cleanser, my skin gets bad, maybe this cleanser is cursing me or something to use it forever.

No brand does oil like KIEHL's do. Their Midnight Recovery Oil is a coveted product for a reason, and while not as hyped, Blemish Clearing Cream is another gem in their lines. Combo of this to every night blesses me with happy, clearer skin in the morning.

The very first product that shows actual effect on my skin is Essential Balancing Emulsion from Laneige. It's mouthful, what's with emulsion and all, but to put it simply; this is moisturizer for oily skin that also comes with UH-MAZING skin clearing effect. I noticed that after using this, my acne scar fades faster. Not what I expected from product that's not marketed as such, adds another reason to love it.

Okay, so this is technically cheating since I said I have none from makeup category, do forgive me for I really, truly cannot live without this one. For years I stay away from MAYBELLINE's eye product since they refuse to go along with my oily lids, until this one. Lash Sensational is favorite of many, and I can see why. I can skip the curling step, yet I get the fluttery and curling effect just the same.

What are products you cannot live without?
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