Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Looking forward in April

Tell me; what are you looking forward to this April?
Tell me; what are you looking forward to this April?
1. Red and pink eyeshadows; I’m ready to pull reddish-pink eyes throughout the month. Though many people avoid putting red on the eyes in fear of looking swollen, with the right color combination with your skin tone, I think you can do a great red eyeshadow look. This one from Denitslava will always be my favorite.

2. Pink manicures; I’ll be adding touch of pinks to my nails as well. My love for Jill Stuart polishes have been well documented in this blog, of course I’m gonna pull them back again this season.

3. Favorite singer’s birthday and new musics; with Jonghyun’s birthday around the corner, I will be dedicating my playlist for him this month. He’s a truly versatile artist that can pull EDM like Moon then tugged my heart string with this heart-wrenching melody of Skeleton Flower.

4. Season greeting’s arrival; as mentioned in previous post, I ordered season greeting from BANANA FISH and it’s supposed to arrive around mid-April, I’m excited already for their stunning photographs! 

5. Eat healthier; I’ve been back to eating salads and skipping huge lunch lately, I need to tone down my night-time bread as well. I’m thinking of skipping white bread with fruits, adding some nuts, and yogurt for milk.

6. Picking up floral scent; I was gifted My Burberry perfume last year but I still haven’t touched it at all. This month, I’ll make more use of this modern take of Burberry’s fragrances.

7. Decorating my room; after the arrival new furniture last month, I’m thinking of upgrading my room. I’ve started from hanging collage strings above my bed, ordering a new chair (white gregor from IKEA), new bedding, and wire board for my table.

8. Reunion with old friend; a lovely, dear friend of mine is finally back to the country. I’m planning to pick her up at airport and spend a couple of days with her, we have so many to catch up with.
Tell me; what are you looking forward to this April?
What are you looking forward to this April?
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