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5 Favorite Jill Stuart Nail Polishes

5 Favorite Jill Stuart Nail Polishes
If there's any Jill Stuart product I'd recommend to everyone, it's their nail polish. Nail polish is not something that I wear regularly, so despite the tempting call of those beautiful, dainty bottles, I consciously try to keep my collection to minimum. In my effort, I decided to commit myself to only 1 nail polish brand, so I can limit the amount of polishes I have, plus keeping my said ‘nail aesthetic’ to be consistent. I’ve introduced you to Jill Stuart’s Base & Top Coats, so this time I’m going to share you their beautiful nail polishes.

Nail Lacquer | 44 Sweet Actress; Released as part of their 2015 a/w collection, this polish is my take for the classic red nails. Leaning more toward burgundy, deep crimson with cool undertone, I’m surprised it flatters my yellow-tanned skin nicely. The formula, like the other Jill Stuart’s non-pearl polishes, is so easy to work with; it’s creamy, spreads nicely, and gives opaque, glossy finish in one coat.
Nail Lacquer | 04 Pink Drop
I’ve mentioned this polish before over here, and it’s really perfect color for summer nails. Creamy pink, with hint of peach and blue under-tone, this color is mature enough to be worn on formal event. I always receive compliments from my professional peers when I wear this. Pink Drop has the same formulation with the one mentioned above, and they’re such a joy to wear; fuss-free, streak-free, and easy to remove.

Nail Lacquer | 11 Sweet Notes
Sweet Notes is part of their pearl formula. It has fine, silver and gold glitter running through it, and is meant to be sheer or applied on top of other polishes as finishing touch. I love to combine it with Pink Drop to  achieve not only glossy, but festive peachy-pink nails. Formula wise, it’s thinner than the rest, added with its sheerness, it’s perfect when you want understated yet put-together manicure.

Horoscope Nails | Observant Virgo
Jill Stuart released Horoscope Nails series from 2015-2016, and Virgo was the first one released on the line. As a Virgo girl, of course I feel compelled to have it, plus sapphire blue nail polish is something I’ve always hunted high and low for. It’s hard to find the perfect shade of blue; it’s either too green, too grey-blue, or too violet. Virgo gives me the exact shade, so it’s an absolute dream for me. The only gripe I have is the chunky silver glitter. Sure it makes my nails mimic the starry sky perfectly, but they can be frustrating to remove.

Horoscope Nails | Justice Libra
This peachy pink polish with green, silver, and red glitters in it is more forgiving in term of removal than Virgo. Still, both nails are so long-wearing and budge-proof, so it can be a plus as well. I remember there was a moment when I ‘accidentally’ wear them for almost a month and they hardly chipped (not good for your nails, so, don’t do it). When I want sparkly nails but not as bold, I’d go for Justice Libra.
Jill Stuart Nail Polish Swatches
 What is your favorite nail polish brand?
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