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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

5 things to do in September

5 things to do In September
It was raining a lot in August, so I was so happy when I managed to snap a photo as bright as above. I really hope September will be less rainy and more sunny, even though it means constant complaining of hot weather, as long as I can get my natural light, I will be fine. Here are 5 things to do in September!
  1. Start adding 'alt text' to image for better scoring and make a blog post directory.
  2. Incorporate makeup look to my 'edits' (spoiler alert; there will be 2 of them this month)
  3. Wear a lot of navy blue color (Sapphire is birthstone for September)
  4. Treat close friends for my birthday
  5. Dig back my old favorite coffee body scrub, I know I had it somewhere
What do you have in your to do list this September?

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Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Great things from August

5 Favorite things in August, from beauty to lifestyle
Not related to this post, but, holy, did I like incorporating this knit cardigan to my photographs. I've been reading about 'how you should add texture to your flatlay', and instead of looking for another kind of fabric, I keep throwing this. Real creative. Anyways, on to the post!
  1. Scheduling; I stupidly lost my Jeeva Journal and got incredibly antsy. In the midst of my anxiousness, I stumbled upon Moleskin Le Petit Prince 18 Months Limited Edition Weekly Planner. I purchased this right off the bat, and while my bank account beg to disagree, my heart finally found its equilibrium and I cannot be any more happy. Scheduling with this is a real joy, the space might be limited but it keeps me organized by only writing down the essentials.
  2. A 'me' day; I rarely had a 'me day' in the last couple of months, it's always going here with my family, or there for work. While I enjoy meeting my friends, deep down I still find most peace when I'm alone, and I really need that one day when I can just do whatever I want, wind down, and relax. I had a couple of 'me days' on weekends, it definitely helped me with facing busy weekdays that loomed ahead.
  3. Birthday haul; my birthday will be in early September and since most of the things I wanted can only be purchased online, I already made the order around the 2nd week of this month. I have them stashed somewhere in my drawer waiting to be opened, I'm so excited ;)
  4. Accomplishing 4 of 5 my monthly to do; from this post. The only thing I failed was the baking part. And, yes, I did pick up that beautiful rose-gold brushes ;)
  5. Beauty bits; from the more exciting part of things, I've been rediscovering some products like Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to The Bronze which I had tucked away in the back of my drawer until last month. Then there are the summer-y polishes  to brighten up my day (it rained an effing squall at least three days in every week). Last but not least, is Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Sharper that's very friendly to brow-beginner like me.
What are great things that happened to you this August?

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Product Empties #01

Empty Beauty Products in August. from makeup to skincare.
Remember when I wrote Project Empty back in January? Honeslty, I kind of forget about this project's existence until I ran out of a couple of products at once recently. I thought; well, why not? Beside, as someone who blogs about beauty, product empties are something worth celebrating, it's like we've managed to accomplish a noble mission.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder in Warm Natural; I honestly didn't know what possessed me to get this powder. Okay, maybe back in my earlier day, I was so starry eyed by anything Bobbi (not that I'm not now). This powder is fine but nothing spectacular, and it wasn't particularly good at keeping oils at bay for a long time too.
Repurchase? No, definitely look for cheaper alternative with better oil control.

Bobbi Brown Corrective Spot Treatment; this thing was discontinued back in 2014. I had originally wanted their touch-up stick but for some reason they're not available in Indonesia (w.h.y.). The SA convinced me that this is similar with touch-up stick, and as much as I love her, it's a total no. I tried wearing this on top and beneath my foundation but they always turned out patchy and drying, which isn't how you wanted your spot-corrective concealer to work. I used it up anyways because I wanted to love this so much, buuuut; nah.
Repurchase? No, no, and another no. 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Natural & pale Yellow; now, this is the real deal. This very iconic concealer deserves all the praises it got. Creamy, blendable, and not crease-y. It comes with powder to set the concealer under your eyes. This was the 2nd concealer I purchased (the 1st one was from Candy Doll), and it woke me up to the wonder of under-eye concealer. When I panned this, I literally panicked, and
Repurchase? Already do, it's in my everyday makeup pouch already ;)

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara (travel size); out of all mascara I've tried, this mascara is definitely the one worthy of being called 'the best'. This mascara is very lengthening, and separates my lashes at the same time. Due to its rich color; very black, it also gives illusion of fuller lashes. Water-prood but easy to remove. What a masacara of dream.

Repurchase? Maybe, I'm still thinking between this or L'oreal, or just sticking to Majolica Majorca.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm; my lips are very difficult to work with. I picked this up when I was desperate to find a lip balm that will actually hydrate my lips instead of just sitting there and do nothing but being tacky. This immediately become my favorite with its lightweight texture, yet very hydrating formula.

Repurchase? Maybe, but maybe somewhere next year.

Dior Addict Lip Glow in Pink; let me be honest, I love how it looks on my lips, but, I'm not a fan of how it feels. I know most people swear by the amazing formula of this lip balm, sadly, not the case with me. It left my lips feeling like 'there's something there', not in a good way, but in the 'i'm gonna sit pretty here, and do nothing, not even hydrating your lips'. In fact, my lips tend to flake after I used this.

Repurchase? Nope.

Laneige White Plus Renew Skin Refiner; after getting good result with their moisturizer, I had wanted to get their toner (which they call as 'refiner'), in hope it works as good at brightening my skin. This is not a particularly bad product per se, helps brightening my skin tone, sure, but I'm not sure if this product is to credit for, or it's all Kiehl's MRC doing, since I started using them around the same time.

Repurchase? No, already got myself Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner.

Living Proof Style Lab Straight Spray (mini); I knew of Living Proof from Mandy's blog, and just the day after, I went to Sephora to find them sitting pretty in the aisles. This helps my hair gets straight easier during blow dry while giving it heat protection as well. However, it's not enough to make my hair as straight as I want them to be, so I always need to flat iron them again. Lately, I felt like I don't really need to use this since I got more or less same result without using this when styling my hair.

Repurchase? No. But wouldn't refuse if someone offered to buy for me ;)

Shiseido Senka Perfect Liquid; I've talked enough about how great this makeup remover is in this post, so I'd save my gushing for now. It's truly the best makeup remover I've tried, doesn't break out my oily skin, doesn't make it dry, smells great, and feels refreshing after use. The best part is how cheap it is for such amazing quality, definitely recommend this makeup remover!

Repurchase? Yes! Actually, I already do.

Chloe Love Story EDP; This perfume is the most 'adult' fragrance I had in my collection, top it of with the golden packaging that screams luxury. It's empty, but I have it sitting on my dresser for decorative purpose. I'm horrible when it comes to describing fragrance, but according to the old and trusty Fragrantica, this perfume 'explores the note of orange blossom', with neroli in top notes, and jasmine in middle.

Repurchase? No, I've found my kind of 'signature' scent, and this isn't it.

Missha Line Friends Edition Love Secret Hand Cream in Blue Daisy; is lovely gift from equally lovely friend. The meadow seeds acts as moisturizer, and the daisy essence helps brightening my skin. The texture is not as creamy as my other hand cream, more runny and gel like, but it feels nourishing on the skin.

Repurchase? No, I'm more a fan of creamier, thicker hand cream.

Did you empty any product recently? Have you tried any products above?

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Current Rose & Gold Favorite

Favorite Rose Gold Fashion Items & Brushes
I think it's safe to say that if you're an active blogger, you'd fall in all the rose-gold craze that not only affect your choice of makeup brushes, but also homeware, and stationary. Ideally, I'd love to have this classy color decorating my room, but it's so difficult to spot this particular color anywhere around (if there's any, they're usually pricey). So, I settled with smaller things like accessories as they're less expensive and much easier to spot.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set; I picked this cult-favorite brush-set for my birthday last year. This was not only the only brush set I own, but also my very first brush set, so you can say I have a (humongous) emotional attachment to it. I'm sure everyone have raved enough about this brush already so I will keep it as simple as; gorgeous looking, gorgeously soft, gorgeously durable, gorgeously apply makeup to my face. I will be picking up another set for my birthday, stay tuned!

Forever21 Etched Leaf Headband; I've always wanted this kind of Olympian Goddess-esque headband, with crown leaves and all. They're a nice statement piece to throw in your outfit, whether making dress more 'dressed-up', or adding touch of luxury to your casual outfit. More detailed look of this headband can be seen in photo below.

Forever21 Contrast Browline Sunglasses; On weekends, I often find myself driving during the time when sun is very high on the sky, and the lack of sunglasses can be bothering, especially when the sun decided to be unforgiving. I've been wanting rose-gold sunglasses since I saw on at Stradivarius, but their sizing is iffy, and when I spotted this one at Forever21 - with only fraction of the price, too! - I immediately picked them up.

Forever21 Hair Clip Set, H&M Hair Clip Set, & Claire's Bobby Pins Set; hairclips and pins are so handy for photo props. I will even admit that 70% of my motive was to use them to decorate my picture instead of my hair. Regardless, I carry two of each in my bag and they proof to be useful. With my hair getting longer, I'm often distracted by some naughty strands that decided to fall over my face. I will just whip either one of these, then tuck the bad hair back behind my ears.

Gold Safety Pins from Ace Hardware; this is a lucky pick! I was accompanying my mom to hardware store when I spotted this, so, of course I had to drop this inside our basket, discreetly ;) They come in 4 different sizes, making them more practical and handy.

Favorite Rose Gold Fashion Items & Brushes
What's your favorite rose and golden items?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Who needs Highlighter when You have this Eyeshadow

Burberry Eyeshadow Gold Pearl is just as great as highlighter
My ability to name every single hyped-up highlighter on the market aside, I do not own any single highlighter. I know; what? How do you even exist?  If I had to put a reason, it's because my face is super oily and I'm worried that highlighter will make it even more greasy than it already is. That was until one day I swiped this eyeshadow on to my cheekbones. Oh lala, I felt like slapping my old-self and said; how could you be so stupid? you. need. this. in. your. life. Which was pretty much my 'awakening moment' to hihglighter.

Featured in this previous post and my current 'highlighter' is Burberry Eye Colour Glow in number 1' Gold Pearl. This eyeshadow can be applied wet for more dramatic result or dry if you want more understated look. I love to wet my brush before applying this for my eyes, but for highlight, I opt it dry. Despite my fear that this will appear too frosty on my skin, this pale golden shimmer eyeshadow actually translates into beautiful bright gold with hint of yellow from my natural skin color, flattering my skin really nicely while adding that infamous 'glow from within' finish.

Texture wise, this eyeshadow is so buttery soft, the shimmer is soo fine that you won't see any grittiness on the skin. I've tried using Silk Teddy from Too Faced Natural Eye Palette as highlighter after I discovered this, but whereas this one practically melts into my skin, Silk Teddy looks harsh and slightly chalkier because its shimmer is not as smooth as this one. I haven't tried any proper highlighter to compare this with, but if you're looking for good eyeshadow that can double as highlighter, I definitely recommend this one.
Burberry Eyeshadow Gold Pearl is just as great as highlighter
What's your favorite eyeshadow - highlight product? Have you tried any Burberry Eyeshadow?

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Friday, August 12, 2016

5 Shimmery Eyeshadow Picks

Hot weather and busy morning means I'm all for one-wash wonder eyeshadow. It doesn't only save time, but also avoid my eyes to look funny in case the weather turns unforgiving and decides to ruin the meticulously applied layers of eyeshadow. For me, one-wash wonder eyeshadow calls for shimmer that gives eyes extra dimension under certain light. Here are my 5 shimmery eyeshadow picks.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette in Push Up & Chocolate Martini; 'push up' is beautiful rose gold with pretty shimmer that translates into bronze on my lids. It's been my favorite lid color since forever (just look at the dip). 'Chocolate Martini' is true chocolate with gold shimmer. The texture is more chalky than 'Push Up' but not to the point of stubbornly unworkable. Due to its deeper color, it shows up really close to its as-seen-on-pan-color on my lids.

Beyond Cream Eyeshadow in 08 Signature Alice; I reviewed this eyeshadow back in May (please refer here for more accurate swatch). At the end, I mentioned I was having difficulty in applying this eyeshadow. Recently, I found out that the best way to apply this is by packing it on the lids using q-tips! It's much more vibrant, bold, and vivid than using finger. This method gives this eyeshadow fall out but nothing wet-wipes and concealer cannot take care of.

Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow in 001 Gold Pearl; I'm insanely in love with this eyeshadow. I don't think there was any day back in July when I didn't pop this to my lids. Quality wise, I don't think this eyeshadow has any significant fault. This true-gold eyeshadow is more vibrant when wet, but even dry, this gives beautiful wash of color that instantly brighten up my eyes.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick in 05 Rosy Brown; the infamous dupe of By Terry Eyeshadow stick is as good as everyone claimed it to be. I love whoever thought of eyeshadow stick, this is so practical and can be applied when I'm in hurry, even on the go. I've been using this so much that I think I'm about to run out of it soon, I'm thinking between repurchasing or trying other shade in the line. What do you think?

I'm sorry that I'm an absolute failure when it comes to swatch photo, it doesn't do the actual product justice at all. I tried taking dozens of them but nothing worked in portraying the actual beauty of these 5 eyeshadows.

What's your favorite shimmery eyeshadow?

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jill Stuart Beauty Talk #01 Introduction

Hello, darlings! Welcome to the newest 'installment' in this blog; Jill Stuart Beauty Talk! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I'm truly, madly, and deeply in love with Jill Stuart Beauty. It has everything to do with the brand's aesthetic, the pink-silver packaging, and the actual product itself. Honestly, I feel bad to talk about this brand since it's not widely available everywhere. But I guess this way, you will know what brand to try when you find yourself in Japan, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Even if I can buy Jill Stuart online from sellers on Instagram, actually, all of my Jill Stuart products were purchased when I was in Japan.

Jill Stuart itself is a New York based fashion line, branching from ready to wear collection to bridal (which is also huge in Japan). They first launched their makeup line in 2005 with 'innocent sexy' as their concept, definitely more to the innocent image than the sexy. Jill Stuart Beauty lines also translates the aesthetic of their bridal line; dreamy and romantic.

One thing you must remember from Jill Stuart Beauty, is that despite being originated in New York, this brand emphasis natural looking and high in shimmer makeup over highly pigmented and bolder look that western market is going for. This kind of look happens to be favored at where this brand is sold at; Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and recently Thailand.So, by no means that Jill Stuart Beauty is bad for being not as pigmented, because in the end, makeup also comes to personal preference. If you're not up for their kind of aesthetic, maybe they're simply not for you. But don't worry, in case you still want to dip your toes into the sea of Jill Stuart Beauty, they got a different range of products to offer:
  • Makeups
  • Bath & Body (Jill Stuart RELAX)
  • Nail polishes (Nail Lacquer)
  • Skincare
  • Fragrance
  • Tools & Brushes
I've reviewed some of my Jill Stuart products in the past (Lipstick & Lip Gloss, Eyeshadow Quad, Eyeshadow 5 Palette). 2 of 3 are mixed opinion, but from I can promise you the rest of products to come are all amazing products that I truly love. The products I own is still a very small part of Jill Stuart Beauty collection. I'm looking forward to get my hand on another item from them, hopefully somewhere around October /I'm looking at you brow powder and mascara ;)/.

What Jill Stuart Beauty product you want to try?

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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Only Fragrance You Need for Summer

When it comes to fragrance, I discovered that I'm more inclined toward the aisles of men's perfume where almost everything is monochromatic grey or brown in color, rather than the more dainty, colorful shelves where women's perfumes are. Even though now I'm slowly filling my perfume collection (and body care) with more masculine smelling scent,sometimes weather here calls for less heavy and refreshing scent that amber or wood doesn't provide. Enter Burberry Brit Sheer, probably the only perfume you need to try this summer.

This perfume is described as floral, fruity fragrance for woman. With Litchi, Yuzu, and Mandarin orange as top notes, Sheer promises you very fresh smell. It feels fun, young, but also classic, and very feminine. Even if this perfume is more suitable as day fragrance, this doesn't rule this out from being night fragrance either. Also, many people touted this perfume as one of the best summer perfume. Indeed, I agree. Living in Indonesia where it's practically summer all year around, a spritz of this gives me (and sometimes people around me) the much needed refreshment from constantly humid weather. 

Last but not least, look at that packaging! Comes in square pastel pink bottle with the iconic Burberry Checks printed, this fragrance is a ideal pick to decorate your vanity table, especially if your table is littered with fun and feminine looking products, like of YSL or Too Faced. I have this sitting together with my Jill Stuart & Liz Lisa body products, they look pretty together with their respective pink and white packaging.

Have you tried any fragrance from Burberry? What's your favorite summer fragrance?

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The 3 Perfect Polish for Bright Summer

Some people associate summer with pastel colored nails, some people associate it with bright, vivid colored nails. I'm personally part of the latter team. While pastel nails are undeniably cute, I think they're more appropriate for spring while summer calls for bright, solid color, and even some fine shimmer for extra dimension under the sun. Here are my 3 favorite nail polishes for summer.

Chanel La Vernish in 665 Vibrato; this vibrant cobalt blue polish just screams summer and nautical for me, perfect color for summer. This is my first chanel nail polish (and quiet possibly the last, whoops), thankfully this doesn't disappoint. One coat gives me opaque color, second coat give more glossy finish and extra shine.

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer in 11 Sweet Notes; this pearl formula nail polish has fine golden shimmer running through it. This nail polish is meant to be sheer, so if you expect a smack-bam opaque nails, you won't find it here. Still, this peachy pink nail with glossy finish looks very beautiful and feminine. The formula is wetter compared to my other Jill Stuart polishes, thankfully, once it dried, it hardly budge.

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer in 04 Pink Drop; this bright, deep pink polish is from the non-pearl formula. It offers everything you want from nail polish; fast drying, opaque, and glossy on the first coat. I normally wear it with two coats since if gives me more solid color, plus higher shine. Together with Vibrato, this polish makes a good pair when worn side by side. 

Formula wise, I think I'm more a fan of Jill Stuart Polishes. While Chanel is just as beautiful, I notice that Jill Stuart's polishes applies more 'rich', doesn't spread as thin as Chanel's on first coat, and the brush is easier to work with. Also, this is not really important, but when I run my finger on my polished nails, I noticed that Jill Stuart feels smoother than Chanel's. Wear-time wise, both last for 3 days without chipping on my nails until I decided to play around with my nails and literally peeling them off myself (not a good habit).

What's your summer nail polish picks?

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