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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tokyo Trip Recap - places

I was lucky enough to had a chance to live in Tokyo for around 10 months back in 2013. This blog was actually started to sort of document my life there. Now, Tokyo is no longer a travel destination for me; it's more like a home, a place to return to where I have people waiting for me. Personally, my trip last week was for that reason as well, to meet my friends and people I had not met since I left Japan back in 2014. Nevertheless, there were places that I was yet to visit in my initial stay and I used this chance to visit them.

1st day; began with me forgetting my whole skincare and body care in the airport toilet. I immediately returned to the airport because I just couldn't let go of my skincare (sobs kiehl's). Luckily, they kept it for me! After that, we're supposed to go to see the Royal Palace Garden but it was raining, and cloudy, and I got sudden call from my office (my main office is in Tokyo) telling me to come there. I had to ditch the plan for 1st day because I ended up with my coworkers and boss for a whole day. I finally returned to the hotel and unpack 30 mins before midnight. Not the first day I had in mind but I got to eat for free courtesy of my boss, so it was not entirely unlucky.

2nd day; we strolled by the hostel area before departing to Asakusa (it was last minute decision). I had been to Kaminarimon about 3 times before but I never truly appreciate its beauty until then (3 times I was there, I was escorting people).  We walked all the way to Tokyo Sky Tree but only got to admire it from outside because the ticket line was so long. After that, we went to Odaiba. My feet and shoulders were seriously killing me so I didn't take a lot of picture, I stored my camera inside my bag after I entered Venus Fort. By the night, we visited Oedo Onsen Monogatari. I heard about the magic of onsen before and finally got to experience that! All my soreness and aches were healed. I'm definitely a hot spring person.

3rd day; we went to Meiji-jinguu at Harajuku to begin the day. It wasn't as crowded as the last time I was there (August 2013) so I got to look around a bit more. The enma there was mostly written by tourists/foreigners (amusingly, many mentioned please no Trump for president). I enjoy reading these enma/wish plates, purely because it reminds me that there are people in this world who still wishes for world peace and greater things for this world. We left Meiji-jinguu for Harajuku Takeshita Doori, as always, it was crowded and overwhelming. We went to Disney Store because I wanted to buy souvenirs for my baby cousins (but left it with Captain America tsmtsum instead. I spent the next day looking for Winter Soldier's with no avail). Finished with Takeshita-doori, we visited La Foret where Amez bought a pretty Laduree lipstick (and I snatched their catalogue, of course). 

Amez wanted to go to Dominique Ansel so we went there. The line was so long, I think we spent about 20 minutes until we got seats. Luckily, Dominique himself was there! (totally unimportant but he bumped into me, and it felt like a famous celebrity bumped into me. He's a pastry chef so he is totally a celebrity for me. Everyone who makes sweets are God-sent). I ordered the infamous cronuts and matcha latte. They were good but way too sweet for my liking, after consuming them, I was pumped to walk from Harajuku to Shibuya just to burn the calories. We spent the rest of the day in Shibuya karaoke-ing and shopping. I met up with some friends I made when I was studying there, it was really nice to meet old friends.

4th day; destination was Shinjuku. I met up with my Japanese friend and her twin sister. We began by eating katein zushi then visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower to see Tokyo from above. After that we simply looked for another place to sit and talk. Bidding goodbye to her, I met up with another friend, this time from Vietnam. We almost called the appointment off but thankfully she could make it, which we was really happy for since our last meeting was in February 2014 when I went home from my study.

5th day; was the highlight for so many reason. First, we're going to the Ikebukuro, possibly my favorite place in Tokyo. But before that, we went to Seibu Department Store where I got myself Nars and Burberry products. The next destination was Animate, then Sunshine City where we're going to meet another friends. We simply visited random stores, freaked out because do we need this or not? but ended up not buying any. After meeting our friends, we went to the Otome Road where Amez kind of let herself free. Around 5, we bid goodbye to our friends and I picked up my other friend then we went to Nekorobi Cat Cafe. I'm not a cat person but I was pleasantly surprised when a cat got so clingy on me. Okay, I got to admit cat was cute, but only in that instant.

6th day; the last day, I have to leave for the airport by noon. In the morning, I met another best friend of mine from Japan. We went to eat at this very famous restaurant in Shinjuku Station called Sarabeth. The line was insane, it was longer than Dominique Ansel, I think we waited for around 30 - 40 minutes. But the food was delicious, it was so worth it. I had fun talking with my friend as well, the last time I met her was August last year so we had a lot to catch up.

As mentioned, I did not visited many tourist spot, I think only places in 2nd and 3rd day can be categorized as tourist spot. My main purpose this time was more meeting my friends and (shameless) shopping, so overall, I was really happy with this trip. I just wish I had more time to speak and hang out with my friends, it's been sooo long since I met them.

Have you ever been to Japan? Do you have any particular place you want to see/visit in Tokyo?

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tokyo Beauty & Non-beauty Haul

Howdy, everyone! My Japan trip was over, it was tiring, it was fun. I met a lof of people that I haven't meet since I finished my study last 2014, and really wish I could stay there a little longer just so I can talk more with them. Anyways, I'm proud to say I managed to stay in budget! I bought all things I wanted, drop some that didn't turn out great, and was left with enough money to buy some more. There were some things I failed to pick up (coughnarscough) because I thought I could still encounter them at the airport (where everything is cheaper), turned out they're not available there. However, I'm generally pleased with my purchases! This post is gonna be long, and probably image heavy as well. I will try to keep it as simple as possible, add price and where I bought them when I remember!

Non-beauty Haul

Stocking and socks fromTutu ana; I came to know about Tutu ana back in 2012 and tried them first on 2013. I never turn back from them ever since. I'm not a fan of their underwear but I truly love their other sleepwear, and their footwear! They have the most affordable and cute, plus comfortable socks and stockings ever. I've long since getting rid of my stockings that aren't Tutu ana, their 60 denier stocking is my absolute favorite! I remember I still don't have that one in black color, and they have this buy 3 for 1000 JPY deal, so I snatched one of them and two socks with ribbons on the back. They're absolutely comfy and gorgeous, I am in love! with a pair of socks. Yes.

Tutu ana can be found at Shibuya, Shinjuku Alta, Harajuku Takeshita Street, and Kichijouji.

Gold bobby pins from Claire; Claire become friggin expensive in my country (I don't even know why), so even if I've been eye-ing this for months in local mall, I never have a heart to buy them. They're only 300 JPY so of course I did not resist. These bobby pins are more for photography purpose than practical purpose, since my hair is too thick for them. I already use them for some pictures, really stunning!

Claire's can be found at Harajuku Takeshita Street, Shinjuku Alta.

Greeting cards from Plaza; Plaza has so many cute and affordable greeting cards to the point I was too overwhelmed. In the end, I picked this one with glittery pink ribbon and pink stripes envelope because they're the most 'classic' compared to the rest.

Plaza can be found at Shinjuku Lumine 2, Ikebukuro Parco.

Captain America Tsumtsum from Disney Store; my Captain America obsession is not over, pal! I bought this hoping that I will encounter Winter Soldier's tsumtsum in the way but to my horror, it's sold out everywhere! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they have it in stock somewhere, because poor Captain will be lonely without Bucky :(

Disney Store can be found at Shinjuku, Harajuku Takesita Street, Shibuya, Ikebukuro Sunshine City.

Hair pin from Lattice and Necklace from Forever21; when I was looking for hair pins for my sister, I was attracted to this one. In the end, I got my sister the similar one with this but in pink and white. The necklace was bought because for someone who's totally obsessed with moon, I have no moon accessory with me (I know, the blasphemy!). When it comes to necklace, I choose the one with simple pendant so this crescent moon necklace is really perfect for me.

Lattice can be found at Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Drugstore beauty haul

Shiseido Senka Perfect Liquid; I'm running out of my Perfect Liquid at home so I added this to my wishlist for obvious reason. This is my favorite makeup remover ever, not gel, not water, not oil, just liquid. Unlike oil that feels lukewarm (and sometimes greasy) on the skin, Perfect Liquid gives a cooling sensation and pleasant smell. It does absolute great job at removing my makeup without stripping it from moisture.

Majolica Majorca Lash Aesthetic Mascara; Majolica Majorca's greatness when it comes to eyelashes is already well-known. I'm sure you have heard about it once or twice when people talk about Japanese mascara. Despite wanting to try this for so long, I never buy it simply because I heard they're hard to remove (had bad experience with benefit it's real mascara, so, nope. No, thank you). However, this one is marketed as easy to remove so I bit the bullet and purchased this. HOLY, I was not disappointed! This mascara gives my lashes everything it needs from volume to length. I'm absolutely smitten, especially considering how cheap this mascara is; 1200 JPY.

Mentholantum Water Lip; for some reason, my dry lips refuse to befriend readily available and easily accessible lip balm like Nivea or TBS. It decides to be picky by choosing Kiehl's or L'Occitane, and as much as I love those two, hello, that's a lot for just a lip balm?? I remember using this cheap as chips lip balm ( wasn't even 200 JPY) back in winter 2013, and it did a great job at keeping my lips moisturized.

Alice Body Mist in Fresh Raspberry; I bought this one in Disney Store half on a whim (half because I wanted to get any Alice things while I was at Disney Store, so this was not entirely unplanned). For someone who's quiet picky with scent, I'm glad this scent with Alice theme didn't turn me off. I used this to keep myself smelling fresh throughout the trip, which was necessary since I was practically out for almost 12 hours everyday while I was there.

Jill Stuart

I visited Jill Stuart counter 3 times. The first time to buy the blush and crystal lucent powder, I dropped the later because I didn't like how it looked like on my skin. The 2nd was to buy my mother's perfume and hand cream. The 3rd was to get the nail polish. As always, Jill Stuart's BA are so friendly, they gave me lots  of samples. I'm not sure I can ever finish them since I still got some samples from last year left.

Jill Stuart can be found at Shinjuku Lumine 2, Shibuya Parco, Ikebukuro Seibu.

Layer Blush in 06 Old Rose; Jill Stuart blush has been in my wishlist since forever, probably even before I started crushing on Jill Stuart itself. The only thing that put me off from buying them was my inability to try them myself. I know they're not the most pigmented blush around , I'm worried they won't show up on my deeper skin tone. The BA kindly let me try this one and even then she needed to pile this up few layers until it show up, but, oh boy, the result is so pretty; a faint blush that gives a very natural flush to my skin. And the packaging, just look at that gorgeous packaging, I really can't fault Jill Stuart when it comes to this department.

Nail Lacquer R in 04 Pink Drop; I have enough glittery Jill Stuart nail polishes to last me a lifetime, so this time, I wanted the one with no glitter/shimmer. After choosing between this one and the other in 05 Love Potion, I decided to go with 04 Pink Drop because this one is more pink than Love Potion (which is redder and I already have a deep red polish). Under certain light, this polish shows up peachy-pink that it flatters my skin nicely.

Burberry Beauty

lo and behold, I finally got my hand in my favorite makeup brand ever. Burberry beauty is my - excuse my language - makeup wet dream. They can come up with crappy products (not that they have) and I will still proclaim my thousand of years love for them. The counter I visited was at Seibu Ikebukuro. While the BA was not as friendly as The Nars' or Jill Stuart (understandable since I'm obviously a foreigner), she was helpful and I had fun trying out different eyeshadows.

Eye Colour Wet & Dry Glow Shadow in 001 Gold Pearl; I was in serious lack of inner corner color in my eyeshadow stash, most of my eyeshadow are deep brown or chocolate which is more appropriate for outer corner, lid, and crease color. The camera didn't do the color justice, in real life, the eyeshadow is vibrant color of gold. I haven't try them on myself since I returned but I can tell I will love this because as far as I tried this on the counter, it's soooo buttery soft.

Eye Colour Wet & Dry Silk Shadow in 102 Pale Barley; the cult classic, the cult favorite. I don't think I need to explain more about this holy grail of one swipe wonder eyeshadow. I cannot describe exactly how it looks on my lids; not too vibrant but my lids just glow in very subtle, beautiful golden-taupe color. It will be perfect for the day when I want to feel classy yet too lazy to make an effort.

Other high-end beauty haul

The Nars counter I visited was at Ikebukuro Seibu, Lush at Shibuya (very, very cramped). Bobbi Brown and Gucci was at Haneda Duty Free Store, and Chanel Polish was purchased at KLIA.

Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Cuzco; first, let me tell you my completely wonderful experience at Nars counter in Seibu Ikebukuro. The BA was very friendly (she thought I was foreigner who live and grew up in Japan), she helped me choosing the right shade, apply everything to my face from skincare to finishing powder, engage me in very friendly conversation. I truly regret not getting her name because she was truly a God sent! Under her tender care, I managed to last without touching up from morning to night (well, she applied everything from skincare to primer to finishing powder and concealer). After using this for a day, I have to say I absolutely love the lightweight texture and coverage, it wasn't as sheer as people made it to be, and managed to conceal the problematic areas fine. I'm excited to get more use out of this!

Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum; I keep hearing great thing about Lush' lipscrub so for me it was logical to snag one of this while I could. I had thought it was 1000 JPY without tax so I was pleasantly surprised to know it's the price with tax. The smell was too sweet for me but doesn't mean I don't like it, it smells more like fanta than bubblegum, tho? I'm yet to try this one because I need to take proper pic of this before I use it (blogger problem).

Bobbi brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up in 7 Brunette; let me make a confession; I never tend to my brow until recently (Tannya jabbed me at this on my last post lmao). I just wasn't sure about my brow since I always had bangs but since I changed my hair style, I realized why people are making fuss about brows. They are absolutely vital to your look (I was years late to realize this). I wasn't sure what to get for my brow, left with spare time at the airport (pretty much down because Nars wasn't available at Haneda Duty Free), then wandered to Bobbi Brown Counter. The counter was empty so I had the luxury of trying so many products without being bothered. I ended up with this brow mascara(?) which was easy to use for beginner like me yet still leaves my brow polished.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme EDT; God, I know I told myself that I won't buy anymore perfume this year but after tying this last February at local Sephora (each time whenever I visit that certain Sephora), and this was sold 7400 JPY in Japan, almost half the price in my country,I cannot  possible resist. Despite the amount of people who said this smells generic, I naturally cannot resist any perfume with Amalfi Lemon as its top note.

Chanel La Vernis Nail Color in 665 Vibrato; this one is probably the only impulsive purchase. I had about 13.000 JPY left to spare when I was at KLIA on my final transit and had the urge to buy something! For some reason, no makeup interest me, not even Bobbi Brown and Laneige andMAC conter. I kept being drawn to Chanel and Dior counter, mainly their polishes rack. At first I was about to purchase either one of Dior's Masai, Wonderland, or Mirage. But after trying them one, they just weren't right. I left Dior counter to Chanel's and saw this vivid blue polish, then remembered for the overwhelming amount of blue clothes I owned, I only have one blue nail polish, and that one is with glitter, and  is really hard to remove. Long story short, I ended up with Vibrato since this can go with deeper blue or even bright burgundy that made up my wardrobe.

Those are the things I bought in Japan, I hope I'm not missing anything beauty related (tho I know I miss things I bought in Muji, some snacks, and that one clothes I bought at Earth Music and Ecology). Have you been to Japan? What do you want to buy there?

psst, I recommend their mascaras!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What do I bring to Japan | What's in My Bag

As you read this, I probably am already in the airport, waiting for my flight with my travel companion, the ever so lovely Amez sitting beside me. Or maybe, instead of sitting, we're scoring the Duty Free Store high and low without actually buying anything (please don't judge us, we're saving it for the actual trip). Continuing where we left of, this post will be about what's in my bag/flight essential. I'd love to photograph everything I actually bring with me but they won't fit in the frame, so please bear with this much.

The Bag

My original plan was to bring my 3 way bag from Liz Lisa, but of course I have to go with Turnlock Tie Rucksack in Refined Pebble Leather (man, that was long) from Coach. This bag is huge, and has lots of space, enough to contain all of my belongings, including my DSLR. Inside, I will put my things separated in different zip lock bags/pouch, this doesn't only keep my bag organized, but helps me finding my things easier. 

Flight & accommodation

This SHINee ziplock bag has always been my travel companion since I got it. I always store my travel-related things like passport , plane ticket, itinerary, pens, and other things I need for  accommodation. I also keep extra cash here, mainly for reserve/emergency in case what I keep in my wallet doesn't suffice. The other thing I stuff in here includes my notebook and small envelope to keep my receipts (so I can keep track of how much money I used. My wallet is from Stradivarius, I'm sure I've mentioned this multiple times already but I. Love. this. Wallet.

1st aids & skincare

In this cute, pink-striped zip-lock, I keep anything that concerns sanitary; from my medicines (and band-aid, lots of band-aid), toothbrush, wet wipes, tissues, and skincare. I will be bare-faced throughout the flight but it doesn't mean my face doesn't need to be pampered. We know how flight can dry our skin, so I have to make sure it's well hydrated. I'm luck to have many samples of skincare from Kiehl's, they're enough for three to four flights. For hand and body, I leave it up to  L'Occitane Jardine at Roses Body Milk and Missha Blue Daisy Hand Cream.

Makeup & beauty

My old, beaten, and dirty makeup pouch which contents I've explained two posts ago. Other than makeup, I have this Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control lying around (depoted into smaller bottle) to make sure my face stays fresh. 

Entertainment and electronics

To sum up my electornics will be cables; USB cables, earphone (the most frustrating one), phone charger, adaptor, portable charger and its cable. I will probably turn my phone off until I reach Japan because my battery  barely last for 3 hours. My camera will be in my bag as well, wrapped by my Stradivarius cardigan. To keep myself entertained during transit, I will try to finish Toki wo kakeru shoujo (The Girl who Leapt through Time), this is in Japanese by the way, ensuring that I will dedicate my whole time reading this.

Let's not forget this cute travel neck pillow (my mom's) and sunglasses, and I'm ready to go! I won't be online (maybe not even on instagram) until June 26th, and by that time, I will update you with my Japan haul. Until later, folks!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

What do I bring to Japan | Skin, Hair, Body Care Edition

Welcome to the second installment of What do I bring to Japan! As promised, this time it's going to be about skin, hair, and body care (in case the title is not self-explanatory enough). Like the makeup, I'm keeping everything simple by not bringing my complete skincare products, compromising in some area such as not differentiating day - night skincare. I mean, when you're traveling and tight on space, you just want to bring as compact as possible, right?



Traveling doesn't mean I'm skipping my routine either, but I'm downsizing what I bring by, as mentioned above, compromising day - night routine. For me, cleansing is the most important part of the routine, so I'm not going to play with this one. I got the travel size of Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil a couple of months back, perfect for this chance but I know this won't be enough for 5 days trip so I'm planning to buy the full version of Shiseido Senka Perfect Liquid since I'm running out the one I have at home. For cleansing foam, I'm taking Shiseido Senak Perfect Whip with me. Now for the actual skincare, I'm going to bring Laneige White Plus Renew Skin Refiner as toner and Kiehl's Midnight Recover Concentrate in place of my usual moisturizer. I know MRC is supposed to be night-time skincare, but I tried using it in the day before and got no trouble at all so it should be fine.



I thought it'd be impossible to compromise with this one because my hair is absolute mess with no styling, but I guess I actually managed to downsize the products from my usual routine (which includes three to four products aside from shampoo and conditioner). I bet it all on Living Proof Prime Style Extender, this does all from nourishing and smoothing, protecting my hair from heat, to maintaining my hair will stay in place throughout the day. To fix my hair in case of emergency, I will be using Jill Stuart Hair Treatment Mist which works both as fixer and treatment for my hair, I have the full-sized ones but this one is the travel size that I got after hauling Jill Stuart somewhere last year. Since I cannot live without hair straightener, of course I cannot leave my hair iron which is from Philips. It doesn't get temperature setting but it's compact and travel friendly, plus it got this cute hot-pink plate on it!

Body Care

Confession time, I'm utterly lazy when it comes to body care. I cannot count how many times I forgot using my body milk or lotion before I leave the house (or, really, sometimes I intentionally skip it). But I have this travel size of Jill Stuart Body Milk in Tuberose & Rose sitting very very lonely in the back of my drawer, and it's very light in texture, so I figure it'd be suitable for Tokyo in June. I'd love to bring my full size perfume but let's be real, they're in glass bottle, which is heavy, and I'm not risking that, so L'Occitane Roll on Perfume in Reines et Roses that is. Rose can be heavy but this one is fresh enough to be summer appropriate.

Some of these products will be deposited to travel size bottle that I have scattered around the house and packed inside the pouch I received from Zoeva, some other will go inside zip lock bag (because I'm that paranoid). The next installment will be about what I bring in my bag - travel edition, or something like that. See you next week!!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What do I bring to Japan | Makeup Edition

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’m leaving for Japan next week! I’m so excited to meet my friends there, I met them May last year and there were some people I could not meet back then but this time, they have the time to meet this poor, undeserving me. I will be absent from blogging – even instagram – until June 24th, my posts after that will obviously about ‘Japan haul’ #winkwink, and three posts from now on will be dedicated for ‘What I bring to Japan’ (as if the title is not obvious enough), starting from the most excited part; makeups! The theme (if there was any) is fuss-free makeup

The Base

June is also knowns as tsuyu(梅雨)or transitional rainy season between spring to summer. The weather is going to be very, very humid, thus I suspect heavy makeup won’t do me good. Since I choose practicality over anything when it comes to traveling, instead of bringing heavy, sweat-proof makeup like good blogger does, the only base product I will take with me is my Laneige Pore BB Cushion. They’re light-weight and long-wearing, also comes with medium coverage that’s enough to make my face presentable. I’m skipping concealer and powder even, betting my life (face) on the line with this one. Another plus is bulky this might be, it’s not as heavy as it looks like – very travel friendly. I will also take Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control to freshen up my (and Amez’s) face during the day in case the weather get too stuffy, it smells good and summer-y!

The Eyes and Cheeks

Staying true to ‘fuss-free’, I only bring three items in this category. I ditch mascara since I’m planning to buy a couple there (Japanese drugstore mascara deserve all award it could get, seriously). For eyes, I will go with Kiko Long Lasting Stick in 37 Burgundy and 05 Rosy Brown. These two were literaly bought for the sake of this trip, so it will be ridiculous not to bring them. One swipe, and I’m ready to hit the world (read: barrel through the rain), I can either wear each color alone or use the together with Burgundy on the outer-corner/crease and Rosy Brown all over my lids (or vice versa). For the blush, of course it’s gonna be Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar, it’s not like I have other blush with me, right?

The Lips

After a lot of mulling over my lipstick stash (which is made from 7 lip products sans lip balm), I decided to go only with Burberry Lip Velvet in Oxblood. When I feel like sporting dark, bolder lips, I can swipe Burberry Oxblood on. But when I want something lighter, I can just pat this lipstick on my lips and gets brighter, red color which instantly brigthen up my face. Such a no-brainer lipstick, there’s a reason why this little, sexy baby is my holy grail. For lib balm, I’m sticking with L’Occitane Ultra Rich Lip Balm.

The Tool

a The only makeup tools will be Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush, the all-rounder brush, my holy grail of brushes. I’m planning to leave this on the hotel where I stay and only take this along when makeup shopping is on schedule.

a In conclusion, I’m going to bring 7 makeup products + 1 tool with me for a five day trips. The number is roughly the same with what I always have everyday in my makeup pouch, and it’s for full-face makeup. For some of you, this might be too little but for me, these will be enough to ensure my face’s (makeup) survival throughout the trip! Stay tune for the next installment; skincare!

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Friday, June 3, 2016

To do June

June is here which means we're halfway through 2016, and wait, let me sit and process that... okay, okay, it is kind of scary to know that we are already that far, and I'm gonna be cliche here; I swear, 2015 was just like yesterday. That aside, finally my time to visit Tokyo is near. I'm so, so excited, the last time I went there was back in May 2015, but it was for business, I didn't have much time to see my friends. This time, I go there purely for holiday so I immediately contacted them! Some of them already confirmed that yes, we can meet and some other can't. I'm leaving empty spot in my schedule for them in case they suddenly say they can meet me, and even if they can't, I always have time for karaoke!

I'm going to keep this June to do simple though I can already see myself failing, the opening paragraph itself is already this long.

1. Finalize japan trip wishlist because as embarrassing as it is, it's yet to be done (I can't help it, there's just too many things not to buy there),
2. get back to at least 55 kgs so I won't be as guilty when I return with extra 1 or 2 kilos ;),
3. make a small present bag to give my friends there with things that can only be found in Indonesia,
4. make time to master all those overwhelming SEO tools in between,
5. be more patient,
6. stock up movies in my phone because my transit is gonna be long,
7. get 3bags of powdered green tea when I'm in Tokyo,
8. quote of the month; real memories is the one experienced, not captured

acceptance over understanding