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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Favorite

It's time for another monthly favorite! I didn't buy any new makeup product this month, so makeup/skincare-wise, I was just religiously staying to my routine up until now because they've given me satsifying result so far! I know I keep saying this, but I swear; my skin has never been better since I'm starting this routine. While I will share about them somewhere around July (oops, long, I know), I will mention one product that I think is the 'culprit' behind this. On to my May Favorite!

Kiehls's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

The infamous cult's favorite and 'the culprit'. I purchased this back early April, two months later, all bumps bid goodbye to my face and the periodic acne is minimized to one! I can understand why people swore by this, this has proven to live up its claim! I still remember when I first asked the tester of this, the SA told me, "Comeback with your healthy skin!", and he was right. I used three drops every night as the final product in my routine, and two months later, it barely show any sign of diminishing. I must say, I'm a firm Kiehl's believer right now, none of their product has disappoint me, and I get the result they promised in a month.

Masami Shouko Eyeshadow Brush

Back when I was just starting to dip my toe into the world of beauty and makeup, all bloggers recommend this brand. Cheap as chips, this brush is the second one I bought from Masami Shouko back in 2012 (the first one was an angled brush). Back then, I still don't know a cent or two about applying eyeshadow but now I'm more (a teeny wee bit) experienced, I finally do this baby justice. I've been exclusively using this brush for my makeup this whole month, useful for depositing color all over the lid, crease color, and blending too. Very handy especially since I went to gym pretty much everyday this May, not exactly having luxury to bring 10913 brushes just for my eye makeup.

Living Proof Style Lab Straight

I shall sing my praise up to the moon. This hair spray helps keeping my wild and unruly hair from being wild and unruly. I bought this back in November but at the time I wasn't using it the right way so my impression of this product fell pretty flat. However, I finally figured that this really works wonder when sprayed on wet/damp hair before blow-drying. I'm about to run out of this one but still considering whether to buy the full size or the travel size again like this one (practicality, anyone??)

Jill Stuart Nail Polish Horoscope Nail in Observant Virgo

O, Jill Stuart and their pretty nail polishes.  I don't have much nail polish but if I have to buy one, I wouldn't want anything that's not Jill Stuart. They usually last about 2-3 days until beginning to chip (but I play around with my nail a lot, so far no polish survive perfectly intact in 2 days), but this one is a though one. Their horoscope nail line is all about mimicking starry sky and constellation, hence the overflowing glitter/shimmer in it. This one is particularly chunky and gritty (very obvious when you paint them), hard to remove but since this stay relatively without bugging and is drop-dead gorgeously pretty, I'm willing to spend 30 minutes scrubbing it off.

Stradivarius Platform Sandals

Stradivarius has officially become my favorite retail store; from t-shirt to formal wear, from wallet to shoes, did I mention 80% of fashion-related items I bought this year is from Stradivarius? While I'm familiar with their clothing, I haven't had a chance to try their footwear (my pickiness level when it comes to footwear is like, 10 times of clothing) until I tried this on the store when I was looking for comfortable yet stylish platform footwear that's great for traveling. This was okay, not exactly my size (I'm 40-41, this is 39), but comfortable enough. Mom decided to buy this for me and I haven't stop wearing this ever since. I like the 'resort' feel that comes with this, and the (surprising) comfort that it gives me make this all the move love-able for me.

Captain America Civil War

Ho boy, no explanation needed. I saw this twice. If only I had time, I'd watch it thrice. Carry on!

Jonghyun The First Album 'She is'

Of course I will mention this, my favorite singer-songwriter (lyricist, composer, novelist, dancer, radio dj, human rights and equality supporter) ever! I don't have any song that I do not like in this album, everything is jam-worthy, so, please don't ask me to pick favorite. I've been hearing that this album is more appreciated in western-music market for its 'modern-sound' (or so they said, I don't know fancy musical words, I'm sorry). As his fans, I sincerely think this album represents 'him and his sound'. Ever since this was released, all I wanna do is hijack gym's music playlist and play this album because, God, will this get everyone pumped. The title track 'She is' is described as electro-funk, addictive chorus and repeating "Oh, she is" that will surely stuck in your head after first listen. I reckon you give it a try even if you don't understand a bit what he's saying (psst, I don't too ;) ).

That has been my May Favorite. What is your favorite things this months?

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Review | Beyond Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow in Signature Alice

I sincerely wish I’m not the only person who failed her shopping ban #bloggerproblem, because that’s what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I happened to stumble upon Beyond Indonesia’s instagram account and found out the Alice Collaboration Collection (which was actually released last summer) is finally available in Indonesia. I swear I tried to resist but then I saw this beautiful eyeshadow in turqoise color. Remeber my addiction to Alice in Wonderland and my turqoise May project. Combined these two together, and it was enough force to make me literally threw my resistance out the window; I need to have this babe, right now.

Beyond, a Korean skincare and makeup brand, collaborated with Alice in Wonderland/Disney to bring this dreamy and whimsical collection. This limited edition collection have BB Cushion, cream blush, lip tint, cream eyeshadow, hand cream, and nail polishes. I was gifted the hand cream on my birthday last year, and honestly, I was not that interested with the other products (on lipstick ban, cream blush does not work well on me, just purchased BB Cushion), but the eyeshadow caught my attention purely for the color alone. Quick research on internet told me that this cream eyeshadow is more pressed pigment/glitter than rich, mouse-like cream eyeshadow.

True to that, Beyond Alice in Wonderland Cream Eyeshadow in 08 Signature Alice feels dry and crumbly to the touch compared to other cream eyeshadow I’ve tried, thankfully, it’s not patchy. The color is sky-blue with green glitter, resulting in the most flattering, multi-dimensional turqoise color ever! I love swatching this on the back of my hand and watches the light changes the color around, it’s unbelieveably pretty! One swipe gives me a sheer wash of color, I usually pack around two or three layer, just to make the color more pop and vivid. Despite it’s dry texture, I do not experience fall-out whatsoever.

I apply this using my finger because my zoeva brush cannot pick this up. Since I’ve only worn this alone – with my finger at that – with no other eyeshadow, I cannot vouch for it’s blend-ability but I suspect this is not an eyeshadow to blend, but rather to pack on like glitter/pigment. So far, I am loving this cream eyeshadow and am helplessly in love. I never face any problem with this one, but if you love your cream shadow to be on blendable and creamy side, this might not be the one for you.

Have you tried any Beyond Product? What’s your favorite colorful eyeshadow?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Favorite Turquoise Non-beauty Product

After my sleep-over post a couple of weeks ago, I'm coming back with non-beauty related post! Still with turquoise/mint-green-themed post, this time it's for non-makeup products. While for makeup/skincare, the items are gathered unconsciously, I have to admit for non-beauty, I purposely look up for turquoise colored-items. Sadly, the color does not match my complexion well so I do not have any clothes/top in this color. But I have some items in this color that I always use, or carry around daily.

Stradivarius Embossed Card Holder in 505 Aquamarine

I mentioned this card holder in my 'New in April' post. This is both impulsive and non-impulsive purchase, I had wanted card holder in similar color in Kate Spade but I cannot justify the price (1 card holder equals to 20 cheeseburger set + McFlurry. I'm sorry, but #foodovereveyrthing). One random visit to Stradivarius then found me snatching this card holder to the cashier with very little thinking. It comes with a pocket where I store my namecards and Starbucks card.

Stradivarius Embossed Zip-Up Purse in 505 Aquamarine

Another 'I actually want the Kate Spade version of this but I can buy myself 60 sets of cheeseburger and McFlurry' item. This wallet was also present with the Card Holder but I didn't buy it until about a month later before a meeting. Actually, I was tight at budget but the staff told me this was the last one in entire store, AND in another branch as well. With what is thinking, this is the last item-mentality, I purchased this one, then literally dumped my old wallet before proceeding to meet my client. This turned out smaller than my old (tattered, and battered) wallet, but it holds more card in it which is really practical.

Daiichi 2016 Schedule Check (Calendar Type)

I have two of this; one is the 'journal type' which I keep in the office; then this 'calendar type' for blogging purpose. I write down all my blogging schedule in this one and keep it beside my laptop and desk calendar. Every beginning of the month, I will bring all my three planners (another one is from jeeva for all-around planner), and match schedule. Might not be the most convenient for detailed planning but for marking dates and scheduling, this comes in handy. Plus, the paper they're using is of high quality, thus it's really easy to write on this, some planner comes with measly paper which actually affects my writing.

Forget Me Not To-do List Desk Note

I purchased this when there was a bazaar at the lobby of my office building. They actually had other stationeries like greeting cards, notebooks, and planner but my eyes were naturally attracted to this one; turquoise, and bird? Check! I use this note to write down blogging or photo ideas, sometimes random thought that comes for my story as well, or even simply to list down what do I need to do for the day.

Starbucks Tumbler for Ice in Grande

Ha, I am that person who goes to Starbucks for their tea not their coffee (lies, I go there for coffee but I'm limiting my caffeine intake because sometimes it affect my skin) and have the tea-bag in for a whole day refill!Since I went there regularly, I thought of buying their tumbler but never had the motivation until I saw this one. There was a phase when I'm addicted to vintage, floral pattern and I think it still lives on even though just a tinny bit, plus, the turquoise color makes it hard for me to resist it. I just hope they come in venti size instead of Grande.

SMxSUM Market SHINee Gourmet Popcorn in Sweet & Salt

Oh, this gorgeous popcorn is back again. Meet the most beautiful popcorn tin you will ever see in your life! Actually, the whole popcorn products are drop-dead gorgeous, if I had a chance, I will be getting the Red Velvet, and maybe TVXQ one as well. Not only the packaging is pretty, the popcorn is also delicious, I have sadly run out of the actual content and now have the tin remained in my plant house for decorative and collective purpose. Have any idea what should I store inside?

The next turquoise colored item I'm looking for is probably bag, but since I'm really, really picky when it comes to bag, I don't see it happening until at least new F/W items arrive in store. I'm actually hoping for footwear as well, preferably strappy sandals with white-platform. Anyways, tomorrow is SHINee anniversary and I'm so excited to celebrate it by eating something special, I think I spot a peppermint cupcake in the new eatery near my office!

What are your non-beauty favorite? Do you like anything in turquoise color?

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Quick Hack for My Oily Skin

My struggle with the excess sebum of my face is far from ending. In Indonesia's mild yet humid climate, it's almost impossible for my face to even retain dryness. While I'm thankful for that (I experienced dry skin once and for the first time, I was grateful for my oily skin), I can't deny that I wish they're a little bit more control-able. While primer - matte foundation - powder does help, the limited time I have during weekday mornings left me virtually no time for such perfect routine. These are some products other than blotting paper that I depend on during those days;

Ah, dear Laneige BB Cushion, how many times did I sing you praise this last couple of month? I think I've explained enough why I love this product. Fuss-free, excellent oil control, and that mint color, I think I should stop here before I narrate another paragraph that will bore you to death. Or maybe I'm a little bit closer to convince you that you need this in your makeup arsenal? I sincerely hope so #enabler

This limited edition (sorry) face mist was released last May. Promising instant solution and refreshment for oily skin during the day, this mist also comes in super cute yet elegant light-green bottle with diamond-cut plastic lid. The SA told me this can be used as primer to tighten your pore. While I cannot vouch for this claim, I've used this a couple of times as toner and it's super refreshing. My favorite way of using this is as face mist and makeup fixer; spray after I applied my makeup or in the middle of the day when my face starts to get oily, gently pat them, and they're as good as new. This smells so good, literally a God-sent when I sprayed this on after walking miles in under the scorching heat of Jakarta.

What are your favorite oil-fighter products?
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cleansing Routine for Clean Pores

"Hello, Pore! We are here to purify you clean /insert wink emoji/" is what I imagined them say whenever I enter the bathroom during one of those 'pore pamper night'. Actually there is one more thing missing, my makeup remover from Shiseido, but I omit that since it doesn't specifically target pore problem. Remember what I said about pore-trouble care being mint green in color? This is the exact proof of that. I go through this routine two-times a week, depending on my skin condition and the makeup I wear (heavy or not). Ever since I started this routine, I found my face gets less pimple and my skin is smoother than before.

I have reviewed this last Friday so I will keep this minimum. This creamy cleansing foam helps removing makeup and dirt while thoroughly cleaning my pore at the same time. It also helps controlling excess sebum, and the smell is so heavenly! Definitely wake me up when I had to remove my makeup so late at night (half-asleep yet still feel the urge to clean yourself before hitting the bed? Me).

(oh my the name is mouthful). Probably the eldest skincare product I own to date, first purchased this back in 2012 and this is my third? Fourth? tube already. This facial scrub is oh-so gentle on the skin and doesn't strip my face from moisture albeit it does tingle a little at times. I only use this around my T-zone area because they're (typically) the part that suffer the most from onslaught of sebum.

/scream my love for this product from the top of a cliff/ /proceeds to do it a couple of times/ /sits back and write/
The 'culprit' behind my obsession for Laneige Pore-care line. This gel might not completely remove the black head but popping them out after this is easy peasy (bye bye, painful facial! So long!). Even before removing the pesky black and white heads, my nose and chin are so smooooooooooooooth after I used this one that I cannot stop rubbing them while I rinse with lukewarm water.

By the end of the week, I couple this with Kiehl's Rare Earth Clay Mask for more thorough cleansing. My big pores make it easy for an acne or two pop out (even during non-period) but these pretty, minty things right here really help me combating those unwanted pimples.

What are your trusted product to combat dirty pores?

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Review | Laneige Deep Pore Cleansing Foam

In my journey to up my skincare game, I picked Laneige Deep Pore Cleansing Foam last March. You can read all the claims and official descriptions here And I will say that yes, most of them are true. I found that the only claim that never actually work is 'making your pore smaller' or anything like that, but this cleansing foam, targeted to oil-pore troubled skin, does not claim as such (maybe because this is a cleanser, hmm). 

This cleansing foam comes in thick, white paste. Even though, like any other cleanser on the market, instructed to add water after dispensing this out, I usually do not add extra water but squirted them out on my wet palm and lather them so they maintain their creaminess (too much water can make them too runny). Used with foaming net, this can bubble up into thick, whipped cream-like texture but nowhere as dense as Shiseido Perfect Whip's consistency.

Admittedly, this makes my skin feel a little bit tight after use but only for a second or couple, not to the point of discomfort. BUT! The main point is this does its job well, my skin feel refreshed and clean after usage and my sebum is not as wild as it was previously. Laneige Pore Cleansing foam also doesn't break me out. I noticed that since I changed my routine, the only time I got new pimple was only around my period (hormone!) so it's obviously not my skincare's fault AND sign that my skincare regime is working. 

Have you tried Laneige's cleansing product? What's your favorite cleanser at the moment?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Long Weekend Recaps

We had a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Like any other holiday, it ended in a flash. Creativity-wise, I was not so productive (little writing and photographing), but I had much fun and I think that's the most important thing from holiday! I think what I did most of the time was eating and laughing, talking, because I spent three days with my friends.
- On Thursday; I watched Captain America Civil War with my sister. Originally, I was supposed to watch it with my other friends who're also Captain America enthusiast but their schedule was lenient enough to watch in on premiere day while mine was not. Of course even before watching I know I will be on #teamcap. Now I cannot wait for Infinity War to come soon even though it's probably not coming in two years. Also had sushi lunch! It's been months since I last ate sushi (I was really picky and only tolerate nigiri).

- On Friday; I lazed around until midday then I went to Pizza Hut, picking up Mba Agi whom I had not met since last January. Sure, we talked everyday on LINE or Twitter, but meeting the actual person is different, right? We ate cheese nachos and meat lover, grocery shop for Mac n Cheese ingredients, and cooked cheese ramyun with tteokpokki while watching Youtube videos.

- On Saturday; we practically did nothing. I woke up as usual at 5 am but Mba Agi was around 8? So until she woke up, I finished my 'internet ritual'; checking tumblr, blog, and twitter. Around 10 we made mac n cheese, then around 15 we made another cheese ramyun with tteokpokki. We ate is straight from the pan while watching Dugeun Dugeun India then spent the night away watching another videos on youtube (very productive).

- On Sunday; is karaoke day! We went for McDonald Drive Thru (me only for the coffee), drop by Amez' place to eat remaining mac n cheese while she made us grilled sausage before leaving for the actual fun of the day. It was 2 hours free session when we danced and sing like crazy (honestly, we cannot dance, it was sooo embarrassing). I proudly announced you that I scored the highest score (99 out of 100) :^). We crashed by Carl's Jr after that because a girls' day out is not complete without a healthy dose of junk foods.

For someone who generally spent her weekends tucked under her blanket watching youtube with twitter as her only means of communicating, last week was 'socially productive' for me. I'd love to have more time to hang out with my friends, and I hope it's coming again soon.

What did you usually do on holidays or long weekends?
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Friday, May 6, 2016

Review | Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control

Laneige Pore BB Cushion, or any BB cream/cushion in general didn't interest me until lately when Amez bought IOPE cushion and upon my visit for Laneige Skincare, the SA convinced my mom to get their cushion. A couple of week later; boom, I got the cushion with me. I did mention that I stay away from BB cream even if the first base makeup I own was a BB Cream (SHINee Star BB Cream from Etude), but this one really changed my mind about BB Cream.

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control is one of Laneige's three BB Cushion range that targets people with pore and sebum problem. It comes in six shades, mine is brown beige (No 31) and like any other BB cream, it's armed with sun protection (SPF 50+ PA+++). The good thing is this lacks the grey tint that seems to 'possess' many BB cream, looks natural enough without giving me ghost like appearance or grey cast.

I always use powder to lock my base in place, plus keeping oil at bay, but I found with this one I don't really need it at all. The finish is close to satin with decent oil control (my face becomes 'unbearable' to look at around lunch time which is about 4-5 hours since I apply it), also, the pore around my nose area is blurred, giving illusion of smooth nose and cheeks. Touching up with this is really easy as well, you don't need to extract the product from the cushion because some of them are still left on the puff, just press them on the area of need (or so the SA told me). Texture-wise, this is light weight and non-heavy at all. Although people said BB cream breaks out people with oily skin and clog pores, this doesn't seem to be the case (at least with me because people's skin reacts differently). But ever paranoid, I always make sure to clean my skin more rigorously compared to when I'm using foundation.

Overall, I'm really loving this foundation at the moment. Simple and practical is my mindset when it comes to makeup (I mean, I love putting on makeup but let's be realistic, with my schedule when I only have about five to ten minutes to put makeup among all thing, I don't have that much time to put primer before concealer before foundation) and Laneige BB Cushion fulfills that requirment fabulously.

Have you tried any BB Cushion? Is there any Laneige Product that piqued your interest?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To do May

It's finally May! Ever since a little 'accident' that happened last year, I'm a little bit warry about May but at the same time May is the month when my favorite group ever, SHINee, debuted! They will be holding concerts at Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome in Japan, too, this month so I shall lift my mood and face May with lots of enthusiasm! Here are some of my goals for May;
1. Post only mint/turquoise themed images on instagram for a whole month (which means blog image won't show up at times)
2. Write 'favorite Mint colored thing' post on the blog
3. Get my visit permit to Japan from embassy (yes, my trip is pushed back to June)
4. Write a series of intro for my Japan trip post (ex; what do I bring to Japan, etc)
5. DO . NOT . BUY . ANYTHING . UNTIL . JUNE .  10th (unless for JP trip)
6. Tidy up Japan trip initerary
7. Down-size my wardrobe; there are some formal wear that I will not wear anymore. Fold them up and store them in the box
8. Quote of the month; not to be the one shining on, but to the be the one who's shined upon.

These are my goals for May. As you can see, they're centered around my upcoming Japan trip and SHINee. What do you have in mind for this warm, mid-spring season?

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