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Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 in Music

Music is inseparable from my routine. Spending almost 5 hours ever day just to commute, I need something to spare me from my boredom (and stress of having to face traffic). I find music to be my source of solace, something that affect my mood greatly. I'm pretty emotional when it comes to music, I assure you I am capable of crying just by listening to music and staring into space, thinking of nothing but letting the lyrics seep into me. Below are some favorite albums released this year that had helped me, or just accompanying me getting through 2015.

SHINee - The 4th Album Odd/ The 4th Repackaged Album Married to The Music
Jonghyun - The 1st EP BASE
Nine Muses - DRAMA
Nine Muses - LOST

Picking favorite among them will be hard, especially the SHINee albums, I just cannot choose. But I guess you tell by the image in this post which album actually won me over, right? Usually in every album (or minis), there's bound to be one song that just doesn't work. However, that isn't the case with The Collection Story Op 1. I absolutely love every single piece in this album, and the beautiful, meaningful, relatable lyrics are just icing on the cake. It also happened that this was the album that I kept listening during the lowest point of this year. It sounded silly but, the songs helped me getting through.

Are you surprised with the lack of Japanese album? I didn't keep track of Japanese artist this year aside from Rib even though I pretty much listened to Japanese songs the first half of 2015. But they were little new release that interested me and most that I was digging into were older releases (Rib's 1st and 2nd Album, Utada Hikaru's Solo Collection from years ago, pretty much all Rurutia's albums).

If I had to choose artist of the year (for me, at least), I will hand it down to SHINee and Rib. Do you have any memorable music or song of the year?
Thursday, December 24, 2015


It's Christmas Eve! I personally do not celebrate it but I hope whoever does is having a great Eve with your loved ones! The festive mood is definitely around with all fairy lights around being hung here and there (sadly, my house is as bland as ever but at least we got lots of chocolates!). I'm trying to get into the mood by drinking more hot chocolate and dying my nails with glittery, sparkly polishes. My favorite gotta be Jill Stuart Horoscope Nails in Virgo & Libra! You'd expect them to have low opacity but they're surprisingly opaque and dry fast.

How do you incorporate festivity into your daily life?
Sunday, December 20, 2015

All Those Pinks

Guess What? I'm a closet pink lover, well, the soft-hued slightly pastel, milky, baby, and powder pink! I do not really wear pink clothes because it doesn't flatter my complexion and can make me look super ashy. For accessories like bags or shoes, I do not wear it simply because the color is prone to get dirty easily and is impractical. I show my love toward pink from small trinkets like makeup packaging, pencil pouch, pens, and card holder. Lately, I've been eyeing Ted Baker's phone/card holder which is made from powder pink patent leather. It's so gorgeous and it's discounted for half the price! Do you think I should get it or wait until that pretty wallet from Kate Spade got discounted? Hmm

Do you love pink as well? Do you have any color you actually love but do not wear it on public?
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How are you?

Hello everyone! How's life lately? Mine is as usual; an endless roller coaster of emotion. I'd say I'm fine but then I realize that maybe not so much. My saving grace is the presence of supporting friends around me. I'm not particularly in a slump, but then again a voice will say; maybe you are. And in those moments I will try to think of how blessed I am to have all these amazing people and things around me, small things that reminded me that I have to go on.

As for blogging, I'm not exactly in a rut per se but I found writing about makeup and beauty to be more exciting so you will more likely found me over at blingvoyage instead of here. To be honest, I'm not sure what will I do in this blog anymore if I migrate every beauty related things over there. I'm sorry I still haven't find what I want to do here, hopefully new year can help me finding my resolution.

Have a good day.