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Monday, November 16, 2015

arrived on my doorstep

Nothing beats coming home from a long day at work to find a package waiting for you at home. Burberry has always been my favorite and 'dream' brand for a while now, even before I was interested in makeup at all, I found myself dying to get my hand on their beauty products (The Burberry Effect!)

Scrolling on my instagram feed a month ago lead me to revelation that Burberry Beauty finally opened its first store at Ginza, Japan. I didn't even think twice and contacted my trusted online shop, asked her if she knew about this and even if she didn't, please, O, please get one for me. I was on the fence between this and Military Red, but ever since I purchased MUFE Plexi Gloss in Burgundy and introduced me to the wonder of dark berry lips, I decided to go with Oxblood instead.

I have not tried this at all in fear or ruining the beautiful embossed check pattern, I don't know if I will ever, actually w. All I know is I want it to be on a perfect occasion, not exactly a dinner night or party but a time when I can enjoy myself.
Friday, November 13, 2015

Saturday; In My Pouch

I consider(ed) myself to be fuss-free when it comes to makeup. My routine is basically the same everyday, save for the existent/non-existent of eye makeup. Hence my very simple makeup pouch. I only carry the most basic of necessity and I use all of them but the blush and eyeliner. The 'pouch' is actually a ziplock of Hetalia, I bought it on impulse for the pretty (and very girly) packaging thought I definitely do not regret it at all. It's quiet spacious yet slim at the same time so it saves me quiet a space in my bag.

The brush is from Etude House, a cheek brush that rarely got any use since the blush I use is super long lasting, this product was mentioned in previous article; Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar is officially my holy grail blush. I wish more people could give more attention to this pretty and dainty blush because it got amazing staying power and pigmentation, also very finely milled as well!The lipbalm was from Nivea, nothing fancy, just something I bought for the discount. For lips, I rotated between my MAC Brave Red and MAC Cosmo. The eyeliner portrayed is from Jill Stuart, I'm a bit on the fence about this one, I'm not sure whether to love it or not, maybe for next time. Another Bobbi Brown product, a loose compact powder, I already hit the pan on this one, not sure if I will repurchase this or not (pricey, comes with quality tho). The last item is a Tuberose & Rose Hand Cream by Jill Stuart, which is pretty much my 'holy grail' hand cream for its smell and its amazing job in keeping my hands moisturized.

That's all I keep in my makeup pouch. I think rather than retouching, blotting is more important for me since I have a very oily skin. I usually stash the blotting paper on my bag's pocket for easy access. Since I have some new items coming in, I'm changing around the products I carry around with me (and the 'pouch' as well!). I will write about it on the other time.

Please do share about your makeup pouch? Do you keep it minimum or maximum?