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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Loving lately

Greetings! Days are going slowly lately and I'm trying to stay dehydrated albeit failing miserably. Work is as hectic as ever and despite my (almost) lack of holiday, I managed to have a (very short) me and time when I purchased two of three products pictured above. Mac lipstick in Cosmo has been my go to lipstick, replacing Brave Red from same brand. The color is very natural and goes well with everything, I'd say this is one of those 'no fuss' and 'foolproof'' product. The only downside is, my sahara excuse of lips find this a tad bit drying. I stopped using this for a while and go with my Dior Addict Lipglow, I'm in dire need of moisture right now (ugh, chapped lips).

Mac Select Sheer in NC20 is the second thing I bought, I didn't intend to buy this but this purchase is justified since my Bobbi Brown Pressed Loose Powder already has a big hole in it (read; I've hit the pan). I haven't try this one at all because I haven't take any picture of it! (excuse me).

Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar has been the only blush I'm using since I purchased it early January this year, and yet, it hasn't hit the pan at all. It's very natural and beautiful hue of warm pink that flatters my complexion. The staying power is insane, I tell you, I wore this around 6 in the morning and when I left the office at 6 in the afternoon, it's still there (fading, but it's still there). It also gives faint, beautiful glow despite being matte, I can say I have no intention of buying any other blush thanks to this baby.

The lipstick and the blush are so beautiful when worn together, since I haven't try the powder, I cannot say anything at all but from what I've read, I will probably love it as well.

See you next time, folks!