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Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 in Music

Music is inseparable from my routine. Spending almost 5 hours ever day just to commute, I need something to spare me from my boredom (and stress of having to face traffic). I find music to be my source of solace, something that affect my mood greatly. I'm pretty emotional when it comes to music, I assure you I am capable of crying just by listening to music and staring into space, thinking of nothing but letting the lyrics seep into me. Below are some favorite albums released this year that had helped me, or just accompanying me getting through 2015.

SHINee - The 4th Album Odd/ The 4th Repackaged Album Married to The Music
Jonghyun - The 1st EP BASE
Nine Muses - DRAMA
Nine Muses - LOST

Picking favorite among them will be hard, especially the SHINee albums, I just cannot choose. But I guess you tell by the image in this post which album actually won me over, right? Usually in every album (or minis), there's bound to be one song that just doesn't work. However, that isn't the case with The Collection Story Op 1. I absolutely love every single piece in this album, and the beautiful, meaningful, relatable lyrics are just icing on the cake. It also happened that this was the album that I kept listening during the lowest point of this year. It sounded silly but, the songs helped me getting through.

Are you surprised with the lack of Japanese album? I didn't keep track of Japanese artist this year aside from Rib even though I pretty much listened to Japanese songs the first half of 2015. But they were little new release that interested me and most that I was digging into were older releases (Rib's 1st and 2nd Album, Utada Hikaru's Solo Collection from years ago, pretty much all Rurutia's albums).

If I had to choose artist of the year (for me, at least), I will hand it down to SHINee and Rib. Do you have any memorable music or song of the year?
Thursday, December 24, 2015


It's Christmas Eve! I personally do not celebrate it but I hope whoever does is having a great Eve with your loved ones! The festive mood is definitely around with all fairy lights around being hung here and there (sadly, my house is as bland as ever but at least we got lots of chocolates!). I'm trying to get into the mood by drinking more hot chocolate and dying my nails with glittery, sparkly polishes. My favorite gotta be Jill Stuart Horoscope Nails in Virgo & Libra! You'd expect them to have low opacity but they're surprisingly opaque and dry fast.

How do you incorporate festivity into your daily life?
Sunday, December 20, 2015

All Those Pinks

Guess What? I'm a closet pink lover, well, the soft-hued slightly pastel, milky, baby, and powder pink! I do not really wear pink clothes because it doesn't flatter my complexion and can make me look super ashy. For accessories like bags or shoes, I do not wear it simply because the color is prone to get dirty easily and is impractical. I show my love toward pink from small trinkets like makeup packaging, pencil pouch, pens, and card holder. Lately, I've been eyeing Ted Baker's phone/card holder which is made from powder pink patent leather. It's so gorgeous and it's discounted for half the price! Do you think I should get it or wait until that pretty wallet from Kate Spade got discounted? Hmm

Do you love pink as well? Do you have any color you actually love but do not wear it on public?
Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How are you?

Hello everyone! How's life lately? Mine is as usual; an endless roller coaster of emotion. I'd say I'm fine but then I realize that maybe not so much. My saving grace is the presence of supporting friends around me. I'm not particularly in a slump, but then again a voice will say; maybe you are. And in those moments I will try to think of how blessed I am to have all these amazing people and things around me, small things that reminded me that I have to go on.

As for blogging, I'm not exactly in a rut per se but I found writing about makeup and beauty to be more exciting so you will more likely found me over at blingvoyage instead of here. To be honest, I'm not sure what will I do in this blog anymore if I migrate every beauty related things over there. I'm sorry I still haven't find what I want to do here, hopefully new year can help me finding my resolution.

Have a good day.
Monday, November 16, 2015

arrived on my doorstep

Nothing beats coming home from a long day at work to find a package waiting for you at home. Burberry has always been my favorite and 'dream' brand for a while now, even before I was interested in makeup at all, I found myself dying to get my hand on their beauty products (The Burberry Effect!)

Scrolling on my instagram feed a month ago lead me to revelation that Burberry Beauty finally opened its first store at Ginza, Japan. I didn't even think twice and contacted my trusted online shop, asked her if she knew about this and even if she didn't, please, O, please get one for me. I was on the fence between this and Military Red, but ever since I purchased MUFE Plexi Gloss in Burgundy and introduced me to the wonder of dark berry lips, I decided to go with Oxblood instead.

I have not tried this at all in fear or ruining the beautiful embossed check pattern, I don't know if I will ever, actually w. All I know is I want it to be on a perfect occasion, not exactly a dinner night or party but a time when I can enjoy myself.
Friday, November 13, 2015

Saturday; In My Pouch

I consider(ed) myself to be fuss-free when it comes to makeup. My routine is basically the same everyday, save for the existent/non-existent of eye makeup. Hence my very simple makeup pouch. I only carry the most basic of necessity and I use all of them but the blush and eyeliner. The 'pouch' is actually a ziplock of Hetalia, I bought it on impulse for the pretty (and very girly) packaging thought I definitely do not regret it at all. It's quiet spacious yet slim at the same time so it saves me quiet a space in my bag.

The brush is from Etude House, a cheek brush that rarely got any use since the blush I use is super long lasting, this product was mentioned in previous article; Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar is officially my holy grail blush. I wish more people could give more attention to this pretty and dainty blush because it got amazing staying power and pigmentation, also very finely milled as well!The lipbalm was from Nivea, nothing fancy, just something I bought for the discount. For lips, I rotated between my MAC Brave Red and MAC Cosmo. The eyeliner portrayed is from Jill Stuart, I'm a bit on the fence about this one, I'm not sure whether to love it or not, maybe for next time. Another Bobbi Brown product, a loose compact powder, I already hit the pan on this one, not sure if I will repurchase this or not (pricey, comes with quality tho). The last item is a Tuberose & Rose Hand Cream by Jill Stuart, which is pretty much my 'holy grail' hand cream for its smell and its amazing job in keeping my hands moisturized.

That's all I keep in my makeup pouch. I think rather than retouching, blotting is more important for me since I have a very oily skin. I usually stash the blotting paper on my bag's pocket for easy access. Since I have some new items coming in, I'm changing around the products I carry around with me (and the 'pouch' as well!). I will write about it on the other time.

Please do share about your makeup pouch? Do you keep it minimum or maximum?
Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday; about Jill Stuart

Greetings! I really need to step up my blogging game, aren't I? I decided to do the 'Daily Themed' blog post (how original) and Saturday will be for 'beauty'. While I mentioned I'll post majority of my beauty related post on blingvoyage, the ones written here will be a quick run down or pretty things with short description instead of in depth review and what not. Today will be about Jill Stuart.

Another thing that 'caught me' while I was in Japan was Jill Stuart, and unlike Liz Lisa, even after I returned to my country, they're still accessible (budget wise as well w). Jill Stuart is a lovely brand, packaging wise and product wise. If you're one for heavy and matte makeup, they might not cater to your liking. Oily face aside, I genuinely love their product.

Pictured above were my Jill Stuart collection as in January this year; foundation, lip balm, hand cream (definitely my holy grail), eyeshadow, eyelash curler, and lip pencil, along with 2015 journal. My collection has grown by now and so far I'm loving each of them, they perform really well. I recommend this brand, especially if you love sparkly and shimmery makeup, if you're visiting Japan since they're (almost) exclusively sold there.

That's it for now, folks. Now, tell me what's your favorite makeup brand!
Saturday, October 17, 2015

It was a month ago

...I took all these pictures.

Greetings! These last two months had been hectic and draining for me, mentally and physically. It all had to do with work but I won't 'blame' it on them. Instead, I'd like to thank everyone for the opportunity that had been given to me. Despite the seemingly endless workloads and the increasing night where I found myself awake longer than necessary, I managed to find comfort, either from people around me or small thing such as delicious food (or your favorite artist announcing their solo album yass).

A lovely friend from when I was staying in Japan came to my country for a study until December, and despite how much I wanted to spend more time with here, a meeting once in a month is already a blessing for me. She's such a kind and precious girl who had helped me a lot during my stay back then. She also taught me how to skate and said I might have a knack for it; yes, that was my first time skating.

It is through something like this; meeting friend and having a good time, just talking, forgetting depressing thought and having lovely time overall, that I gain my comfort from. I love being alone or having my own space and time but sometimes (or, lately), I feel like I need a company, it doesn't have to be two, just one, who's willing to pour all their attention to me and let me do the same to them.

This is getting into depressive note very fast w I apologize. On the brighter side, as I mentioned above, my favorite singer released his (2nd) solo album and it's absolutely glorious! I'd love to talk about it on another post.

Oh, don't forget to check lovely Amez's beauty blog blingvoyage,」which I sort of run together with her! See you next time!
Friday, September 4, 2015

Some things beauty

Old photography dump from 2013~2014. I'm (still) in love with fuzzy feeling pictures. Believe it or not, I have not use any of Jill Stuart's sample and it's filling my cabinet.
Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Loving lately

Greetings! Days are going slowly lately and I'm trying to stay dehydrated albeit failing miserably. Work is as hectic as ever and despite my (almost) lack of holiday, I managed to have a (very short) me and time when I purchased two of three products pictured above. Mac lipstick in Cosmo has been my go to lipstick, replacing Brave Red from same brand. The color is very natural and goes well with everything, I'd say this is one of those 'no fuss' and 'foolproof'' product. The only downside is, my sahara excuse of lips find this a tad bit drying. I stopped using this for a while and go with my Dior Addict Lipglow, I'm in dire need of moisture right now (ugh, chapped lips).

Mac Select Sheer in NC20 is the second thing I bought, I didn't intend to buy this but this purchase is justified since my Bobbi Brown Pressed Loose Powder already has a big hole in it (read; I've hit the pan). I haven't try this one at all because I haven't take any picture of it! (excuse me).

Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar has been the only blush I'm using since I purchased it early January this year, and yet, it hasn't hit the pan at all. It's very natural and beautiful hue of warm pink that flatters my complexion. The staying power is insane, I tell you, I wore this around 6 in the morning and when I left the office at 6 in the afternoon, it's still there (fading, but it's still there). It also gives faint, beautiful glow despite being matte, I can say I have no intention of buying any other blush thanks to this baby.

The lipstick and the blush are so beautiful when worn together, since I haven't try the powder, I cannot say anything at all but from what I've read, I will probably love it as well.

See you next time, folks!
Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Better late than never


Whoa, I can't believe it's been more than a year since I posted here! Is anybody even still reading this? To be fair, I have loads of excuse for my absence, namely; life. After I returned to Indonesia, I was mostly busy with campus life, adjusting back to the rhythm here, preparing for my graduation paper, etc, etc. I was still active on twitter and tumblr (when am I not) and last year, I happened to rediscover my passion for drawing (anime, manga arts obviously), and when I realized, I drew more and more and kind of forgetting about blogging (´;ω;`).

I always had a voice in the back of my mind telling me to blog, blog, and blog, but the pen tablets in front of me just distracted me from it. And when I sanctioned upon myself hiatus for the last semester in uni, the thought of blogging just disappear altogether, especially when I got my laptop and handphone stolen last September.

All that aside, I finally graduated from my uni last February and I have landed myself a job! I've been working in this company for about 3 months already and so far it's going well despite some hardship here and there. Lately, I rediscovered my love for makeups(or rather, my friends are makeup creature who always talk about makeup on my twitter timeline) and all so I think; hey, why not start blogging again?

To be honest, I still don't know what I want to talk here but I realized blogging motivates me to take better picture, so for time being until I can decide what I wanna write, I'll be posting pics with my daily random talk.

Until next time, folks, have a great day!