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Friday, January 17, 2014

Liz Lisa Playful Pin-Up Girl 1st Impression

Liz Lisa just recently put up their catalogue and tabloid for their 2014 Spring Collection, themed Playful Pin-Up Girl". They go with their usual retro-girlish concept, this time using pastel color as their center piece and spicing them up with laces, frills, ribbons, organza, and see-through fabric. Time-wise, they're translating 50's style to their collections. Or that's what their description said. 
what I wrote above is a translation of this, not properly arranged but those are what these passage said.

They've released the first promo pic (the very first picture) and constant teaser pictures on their official blog. True to what they said, pastel is their center piece but unlike their previous winter collection which was centered around pastel as well, the color scheme is more into blue-ish color scheme than pink-creme which we saw on their Winter Collection. Purple and blue with some pink.
Will it ever come the day when I can take beautiful pictures like this? image

Honestly, even though I'm not loving this collection as much as their Autumn's Royal Wonderland Collection, I love these more than their winter collection. Despite being centered around pastel color, which was main reason why I'm not really feeling their winter collection, they use different color palette which didn't seem to make a big difference but it actually worked for me and for my eyes...well, for my eyes, I think my eyes were bewitched by these beautiful pictorial with strong dreamy feels image.

Good thing is that they throw in some bold color instead of swarming the whole collection with pastel. As seen above, they throw in some solid blue and from teasers they show us in their blog, they use a new hue of blue. It's not royal sapphire blue like in Royal Wonderland's collection, I cannot really tell the proper and exact name of the blue they used but it's a flattering deep shade of blue. I saw the actual product when I went to Shibuya 109 last week and I have to say it's immediately in my wish-list, along with a beautiful cardigan which is in the exact same shade.
My wild guess is purple will be their star color of this season. White, a staple color for Liz Lisa's collection works as a balance. The catalogue below shows how three purple items are styled together with white to maintain the balance and it does a pretty good job in doing so, not to mention it brings the purple to live. Daisy also seems to be their star flower, along with tulips.
Honestly, the beige color is totally random and personally, I think it doesn't go really well with this color palette. It's just my personal opinion tho. I wonder why they didn't include some pieces they shown on their snap and new arrival sections of website. These catalogues just highlights the blue-purple palette while they actually have another pieces with different colors like a touch of yellow and green.
They also have Spring Fair going on and these are items you'll get if you bought above the price mentioned. So far, I'm liking this and I actually already have two pieces that I'll get my hand on around February before I go back to my country. Yup! I've decided to leave Japan on 14th of February which probably will put an end to my LL purchase as well image Sad, I know. But I've decided that I'll postpone my purchase until I get another chance to set my foot on this country. It won't stop me from making entry about Liz Lisa anyway . Okay, now I really have to wash my face and read my books so I can actually do and finish my assignments tomorrow!
Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Defying Gravity

coat, tops, sukapan; Liz Lisa, stockings; tutuanna, shoes;unbranded

The first outfit that I put together from 2014 LL's Fukubukuro. I know I'm slow in putting them together which I'm feeling deeply sorry for. I just want to put a proper post with properly taken pictures with proper lighting and proper retouching for an outfit post (or any kind of post, really, none of my pictures are save from the debauchery of photoshop image For many reasons I didn't take this picture during golden hour but I spent about two hours outside messing up with my cameras until it ran out of battery. Out of about one hundred pictures I took, only these babies (and some more for another post) survived from my merciless deletion.

On to the clothes, being fukuburo items, these items are comfortable to wear. The sukapan, surprisingly, doesn't suffocate me (flabby stomach /cough) which I'm comfortable for. I think the only problem I have with this coordinate is the fact that the coat was actually too small around the third button areaa that I cannot button them all image I can only buttoned one of them, either the very bottom or the second from top, it doesn't really bother me though EXCEPT the third button actually came off yesterday, maybe because I often forcefully button it image Still wearable, so, again, I don't really have problem with it.
Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ladurée, Lumine, Shinjuku

I finally, finally, visited the infamous Ladurée, chain of pastry shop known for its macaron for 150 years. They have three outlets in Tokyo and the closest one is at Lumine, Shinjuku, right beside South Exit of JR Lines Shinjuku Station. After mulling over the choices of equally delectable and decadent sweet treats from cakes to ice creams, I decided to purchased the smallest box that came with 4 macarons flavor of my own choices. The dainty lavender little box came with four bliss and pleasure inducing macarons. I decided to go with;

Rose; traditional rose macaron with simple butter cream frosting as filling. It tastes sweet but not overbearing, subtle and delicate yet bursting with flavor.

Pistachio; traditional pistachio macaron. According to my friend, it tasted very very good but because I ate it right after Chocolat, it kind of pale in comparison. That aside, this pistachio macaron was good, definitely deserve next time purchase!

Fleur d'Oranger; the dark horse of the four. The shop attendant told me it contained flower extract but she did not specify what flower. When I first sink my teeth into it, Lord in Heaven, if this was dream then I do not want to wake up. It definitely has the orange flavour and the mysterious flower extract seemed to do the trick of making this little piece of pleasure incarnate much more sinful.

Chocolat; chocolate is a norm, it's your last resort when you don't know what to eat. And this one might have been what brought you to your last because the only thing I can say about this, the only thing I can say to describe this little piece of decadent treat, is orgasmic. It induced every sort of strange, pleasured, and blissful noises I never know I could emit, because it just tastes so, so, so, wonderful. If Fleur d'Oranger was pleasure incarnate, then with no doubt, this is probably sex incarnate OR it's even better than sex itself because this thing, this little thing is just pure perfection, concoction of bliss made in heaven.

My love affair with Macaron aged as old as my affair with Liz Lisa, it's turning 5 years old today and Ladurée has been in my list of must go place. The shop has a nice pastel colored interiors, beautiful boxes and miniature of macaron tower, a nice ambience, a perfect place for beautiful tea time, alone or with company. I definitely recommend this place if you go to Japan, or French where this place originated.
Sunday, January 5, 2014

Girls cannot have too many eat out

I went to Kichijouji two days ago to sell some clothes I won't wear anymore, one of them was Liz Lisa Jumper Skirt from their summer Collection. I'm not feeling it anymore so I decided to sell it. I was planning to take pictures at Inokashira Park but my friend fell asleep so when the time she arrived, it's already dark and taking good picture was practically impossible. We went to Italian Coffee Jr. after browsing around Parco and Sunroad a bit. I had a strawberry cheesecake but could not take good picture of it so I disposed the taken pictures. Her chocolate cake, on the other hand, managed to survive from horrible dim lightning and captured beautifully. We're going to Laduree tomorrow! There's no such thing as too many cake out! I'm still working on LL Fukubukuro post by the way.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Liz Lisa 2014 Fukubukuro Rich Vintage Rose Carry + Video

Happy new year everyone! The long awaited arrival is finally here, my Liz Lisa Fukubukuro /lucky pack finally arrived this morning! It should have arrived yesterday but I was out when the delivery man came so it was postponed until this morning. Like I've mentioned, I purchased the Rich Vintage Rose Carry one, size wise, it's cabin-sized luggage. I cannot stop swooning at how beautiful it is, the rose pattern, the soft orange/corally pastel colour, the strong vintage vibes it emanates, it suits my taste perfectly. The items I got are exactly as pictured about a week ago.

Sorry for the poor lighting image. I really love the detailing on this trunk.
First item is a blanket with floral/rose pattern in soft orange-y, pinkish colour. It's very soft image I love running my fingers through it
This one-piece has similar material with the blanket, very soft and quiet heavy, I assume this one is on the warmer side due to its heavy material.
Probably my favorite piece out of 9, this cardigan has lovely lace trimming/detailing on the button lines. It looks white here but it's more beige in real life.
Pink ruffled skirt. I'm really glad I can fit into this one image 
Skort? Skirt-shorts? They called it スカパン in Japan and it sounds better than skort so I will call this sukapan. I love the check pattern it's classic and versatile! It basically goes with anything! A no brainer piece of clothing!
This is supposed to be off shoulder top but it's impossible to wear off-shoulders in this weather. Again, the colour is more pale brown beige than white in real life. The material is quiet heavy too
Inner. Tank Top. Pale pink...I don't really have anything to say about this one.
Tops with lace detailing on the collar.  I love this one as well! Beautiful piece, just hoping it would end longer.
The last piece is a coat. I really love this coat, my favorite thing, other than the flare end, is the ribbon details on the pocket, very feminine and beautiful!

Out of 9 pieces, my favorite one is the cardigan, followed closely by the coat. Even though I'm living in a country with no winter season, I always have a love-affair with coat or jacket image Overall, I'm satisfied with this purchase and to be honest, I probably won't purchase anymore piece from Liz Lisa until Spring Collection come. I'm not really feeling this winter collection, despite the massive sale going around, none of the look flattering in my eyes. Since this lucky pack also come with 20% off ticket applicable for their spring collection, I'll make use out of it. To compliment this post, I made a video of unpacking this fukubukuro. Hope you enjoy it!

Anyone else purchase fukubukuro this year? I'm curious to know what the others received image. Fukubukuro aside, I hope everyone have a good year ahead!