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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lis Liza Fukubukuro 2014

Yes. Yes, I'm sold. You can have all my money, Lis Liza, you can have it all because your Rich Vintage Rose Carry or whatever it is has won over my heart.

VENT Online Store just revealed their lines' fukubukuro (lucky pack)'s packaging earlier. I've been thinking of whether I'll buy Liz Lisa's fukubukuro or completing my wishlist instead. One decisive factor is the packaging of their fukubukuro. Since I'm completely in love with LL's Princess Trunk that they released for this year, if they release similar packaging, I will probably purchase it with no doubt. 

My homecoming time is near and with all things I purchased while I was here, I doubt my current trunks (26" & 19") will be enough, I mean; I bought a real lot of things; books, clothes, baking utensils, and I really want to bring them back home lol. When I visited COMIKE, many of attenders brought a trunk-luggage and I really think it's cute, it has a vintage and romantic air to it, which practically means I'm sold for such trunks. The price varied but mostly it's around 16.000 JPY - 30.000 JPY.

So, upon seeing this year's Fukubukuro's packaging, which is practically the kind of trunk I've been dying to have, like I mentioned above (and multiple times); I'm sold. Personally, I think this is a good deal, because:

  • I got the trunk I wanted
  • this trunk carries 9 items in total, price-wise, it's a better deal than buying the trunk in other stores
  • there's a big probability of getting items that I'm not fond of, but as long as there's still items that I like, it's no big deal
  • the trunk is gorgeous, enough said.

The only downside is I cannot request a specific date to have this trunk delivered which means I have to be ready anytime after 1st of January. I still don't have, and probably won't have any specific plan for January, I think I stuff enough plans on December (fuyucomi!!) so I probably I'll be in my room when the usual kind old man comes to deliver my trunk.
Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sweet Paradise Kichijouji Day Out

Super late post but I've been quite unmotivated lately, basically in everything. I need to work on my assignments but it feels like someone just throw all my motivation out the window. Anyways, I think I've mentioned it repeatedly that it's getting cold lately because winter is coming. November is almost ending and I can see myself shivering like a tiny leave in my own room. I've worn what I thought 'warm enough' sleeping attire, two sheets of blanket but it was not enough. So, to save myself and my electricity bill, I decided to buy myself a pajama from Tutuanna (precisely as pictured) which I have difficulty getting out from because it's just comfy and warm.

And yes, it's 11 am but I'm still wearing it. 

I had a all you can eat spree at Kichijouji's Sweet Paradise with my tutor, Misaki, and another two lovely friends, Yukimi & Akari. Yukimi & Akari went home right after we gobbled all the cakes while me and Misaki went to another spree which was shopping spree. Or rather, it was Misaki who went on shopping spree while I went to grocery shopping spree. It was tiring but another satisfying day.

Only three months left until I'm going back to my country. Time sure is fast and that is why I have to cherish the moment called now.

See you later, have a good days ahead.
Sunday, November 10, 2013

Liz Lisa October Haul & Recently

This is a very belated post which I should have done last month since this covers my October haul but I had too many things to do and too little to do, I know it's confusing, but basically, it kind of throw my mood off the ship and, well, I didn't feel like taking pictures of these beautiful items. Proper pictures are essential for blog, don't you agree? Without further ado, let's peek into what I got!

1. Check Blazer
I think this one is from Last Year's collection because it was on the time sale (time sale items are usually from past season). I love how timeless this blazer is, check pattern goes well with everything, double-breast button can never get old, and chocolate is a nice neutral color. I can wear this over almost everything, not to mention this is quiet warm and comfy. A+ for this one!
2. Blazer
This one is quiet new, released as part of autumn collection (also Royal Wonderland, I think). What I love about this blazer is the details, they're very neat! Starting from the scalloped lapels, the lace on the pocket, and the laced-up ribbons on the cuffs, oh god, it's so beautiful! Though, honestly, the ribbons aren't really practical, but I just love all details they put on this blazer.
3. Peterpan Collared Top
My love affair with peter pan collar and lace is never ending. This is part of Tralala's Penderie Collection and when the actual shirt on the store, I fell in love. This one is comfy and fits me just right, I was worried about the size at first since when my friend bought a top from Tralala it was tight but I'm glad it wasn't the case with this one.
4. Jumper Skirt
This, this was the culprit behind my love affair with Royal Wonderland collection!! The color, perfect sapphire blue, jumper skirt, the rose pattern, the buttons, everything from this dress just scream; buy me! for me. After so much waiting, I finally managed to buy this dress. It's really comfortable, warm, not as tight as the other jumper skirt from LL that I have, and goes well with almost every tops I have. Definitely an S Class dress, I wish I can wear this everyday.
5. Liz Lisa Eau de Linge & Mirror
It's not a body spray or perfume, it's a linen perfume, aka. something you spray on your clothes to make it smell amazing. I've been addicted to how LL smells and buying this baby was a right choice. It smelt like tea tree at first but softens gradually into a nice and pleasant rosey smell. The mirror was something I've been wanting all along to, I just love rose pattern at the edge and the lace trimming, I just wish it didn't smell like Rubber lol.

These are my most recent buy. Initially, it was supposed to come with a blanket but I guess they're out of stock and they gave me this 2 way pillow instead. The cushion is actually part of their 14th anniversary novelty that you got if you purchased more than 18.000 JPY at actual store.

1. 2 Way Cushion
This can work as a cushion and as a blanket hence the '2 way'. If you're wondering where the blanket is, it's inside the cushion, if you turn this cushion around, there's a gap and form that gap, you can pull out the blanket. The blanket was really small tho for a blanket, it's a simple, white and fluffy blanket with laces at each side. I wonder if the actual blanket is the same size with this one. 
2. Top
Another top, and it's brown again, yes. This has been in my wishlist for so long and I was so happy that I can finally get my hand on this. It's just so pretty with all the laces and the color, it was actually a milky brown colour, less stronger than shown here, very nice colour. Also, I think LL has this thing for pseudo-button because even though they have buttons in almost every top, they're not really functional as buttons.
3. Top
The second top I bought. The lace collar was what made me fall in love with dress. I saw this around September? August? When I went to LL Harajuku with my friend and she said this color will suit me, at that time I was skeptical because Most white top I had made me look 'dirty' but I tried this on today and she's actually right! I was worried whether this will fit me or not but it fits me.
4. Top
Due to editing, the colour look purple-y and mauvey but it's more a chocolate-red colour in real life. I really love the tie-like thing at the collar area, and the lace, oh the lace, I guess I can live from lace alone lol.

My favorite? I think it's obvious that all my heart goes to that lovely sapphire blue jumper skirt/dress, I mean, that thing was the cause of my love affair with Royal Wonderland Collection XD

I think I've mentioned before but it's getting colder and colder as day went by, I'm still trying to survive with rather thin clothes while everyone around me are already pulling their down jacket and coat out. I'm still saving my coat for January and lately, I've been buying things for winter like inner wool pants, 200 denier Stocking, room socks, etc etc. This will be my first winter, ever, so I need to get all preparation ready, not to mention that I'm also vulnerable to cold T___T I went to Tutuanna earlier today and saw a really nice and cute and really really warm looking pajama for around 3000 JPY. I really want it but I didn't bring enough money so I didn't buy it, maybe next time.

That's it for today, have a nice day, everyone! Thank you for watching!