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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Comic Spark Haul

I just returned from a doujinshi event; 「Comic Spark」which was held on Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba. It's similar event with Comic Market except in smaller scale. I went there with Hiromi-chan and Willeke (from Netherland). We're like Indonesian History Book lol (Indonesia, Netherland, Japan). We're supposed to arrive early around 10 but Hiromi had an accident with her shoes so we're late for about 30 minutes (=w=). We went our separate ways, me to 3rd West Hall, Hiromi to 1st West Hall, and Willeke to 2nd West Hall to get our own stuffs. We met up about 30 minutes later then move to East Hall before going back to West Hall. There were not many Tenipuri booths so I didn't buy as much as before but I think I bought quite a lot because halfway, my shoulders were starting to get hurt from carrying them lol.

 It didn't look much, but trust me, it's heavy -.-"

We went to Ikebukuro to eat because we're starving. It was around 2 pm when we finally can eat, and only then I can bring out my camera to snap pictures. Sorry we look super tired here lol.

Willeke's Seigaku hair band, it's so cute!! I really love the colour and it's actually quiet big O__O

Happy and satisfied Hiromi-chan(^▽^)

Satisfied and tired me (─▽─)

Arabiata that I ordered. I honestly don't know why they called it Arabiata, it's just a regular tomato pasta ╮(─▽─)╭

Hiromi-chan's pepperocino...I think

Willeke's pizza, it looks so good ≖‿≖

After we ate, we went to Otome Road (please search it up on Google lol). First we visited Mandarake where I bought another 3 doujinshis ≖‿≖ then we went to K-Book where Hiromi bought another doujins. I thought we're pretty exhausted after that so we decided to went home. I made a video about my doujinshi haul here hahahaha I don't even know why I made it lol.  It's another fun and happy day, and, Oh! Sun finally reveal itself after about a week absence (it was seriously dark outside since last week) and it got a little warmer which I'm really glad of. See you on the next post! I think I'll write about my Liz Lisa October Haul next!

Hiromi-chan's tiramisu for dessert!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tenimyu Pop Up Store in Isetan Shinjuku

I went to Tenimyu Pop Up Store in Isetan, Shinjuku, with my Japanese friend; Hiromi-chan (who prefers to be called Kise-kun lol). The even was held for a week from 9th of October to 15th which is tomorrow. Since it's Sport's Day holiday today, we decided to meet up and visit the pop up store at 1 pm earlier. At first, I wanted to buy Rikkai Clutch Bag but since I've used almost all my shopping budget for Liz Lisa clothes (Yes, I bought some more orz) and there's still Comic Spark in two weeks, I decided not to buy anything. They sold various items like clutch bag, tote bag, bottle cover, photo stand, and capuchon (parka). To be honest, the price for the parka was ridiculous! Imagine all things I can buy with all that money (effing 26.250 JPY!!?!?!). To be honest, the parka (is it even considered a parka? Isn't it capuchon?) is totally not my cup of tea, too boring, and with that price? LOL No way I will buy it, sorry, Rikkai, you can advertise them but I'm not spending that much money for jimi-looking parka -.-" The surprising thing is the parka is the first item to be sold out!! The power of fans!

Accidentally took picture of Rikkai Flag

There's not much item left on display, mainly Higa items, Dream Live Shirts, pins, and some paper bag. Even though we didn't buy anything, we're still happy to be able to visit the store. I snapped some pics, mainly of the display in front of the store where there's a blue cardboard with some casts signature. The other side house different teams jersey, me and Hiromi-chan posed beside our favorite team XD

Me with Rikkai Jersey ( °٢° )

Hiromi-chan with Hyoutei ( ´∀`)

We talked about how Atobe appeared on NHK in his birthday (he became #1 trending in Japanese twitter) and how the announcer properly call him Atobe-sama lol. Hiromi bought a Hyoutei Paper bag because the back side is the initial of her name. While waiting for her, I snapped random pics of casts signs and some from video they played.

Kamicchi's sign ಥ⌣ಥ

Gen-chan's sign, lol, it's so messy, as expected of our Akaya ≖‿≖

Accidentally snapped Rikkai in action, kekekeke ≖‿≖

Accidentally snapped Kubotan too ≖‿≖

This one was on purpose; Rikkai's Troika (三強) ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Ogaken ≖‿≖

Was meant to capture Hiyoshi/Gakuto but failed to snap at the right time (´ヘ`;)

Atobe for Hiromi-chan ( ´∀`)☆

After that, we went to animate where we went gaga over Tachibana Makoto, everywhere we go, we'll scream (in hushed voice) Mako-chaaaaan. If only we didn't remind each other than we have to save up for Comic Spark, I think we'll end up with many Free! and Makoto goods (and Takao goods for Hiromi). Still both of us were starving, we decided to stop by McDonald then went home afterward. My feet hurt from walking a lot but it was a nice day! It's starting to get cold again but I don't if the weather is trolling again or not lol. Till next time and thanks for reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sushi Saturday

To be honest, I was not a fan of sushi. The first time I tried sushi it tasted sour and horrible, like rotten something so I declare myself as non-sushi fan until the end of last year when I suddenly crave for one and mom was in the mood for some 'unusual' food then we crashed at Sushi Tei, and, wow, what did I miss? My favorite is everything-salmon! I recently fall for uni/sea urchin, I didn't get why people do not like it. It's pricey, yes, but it tastes so good, no better than salmon tho in my opinion. Nigirizushi is my favorite, with a little dash of wasabi they're perfect! I don't really like makizushi here tho because nigiri just beat them all in every single field. I splurged (?) for sushi last Saturday with my friend but I regret nothing. Except maybe I regret that I did not eat more because I'm still craving for one.
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liz Lisa Autumn Buy

As shown in previous post, it's Liz Lisa time! Wait, I'm sure no one mentioned Liz Lisa in previous post, whatever this one will be about them. I don't think I need to explain to you what Liz Lisa is. I know this blog starts off for something Mori Girl related and Liz Lisa is in gyaru department (hime gyaru? himekaji?) but I personally find their style to be somewhat of my ideal style; classic, romantic, timeless, and laces (actually, adds practical since my home country is kind of ehh when it comes to unusual clothes and all lol). I have always wanted to have Liz Lisa clothes, maybe since 2010-ish, their shoes is what I wanted the most but let's face the fact that they do not have my shoe size in store ; w ; ). Other than shoes, I basically love everything they have.

As we all know, in Japan, we're entering autumn already. Temperatures started to drop and only recently I realized that; crap, I got no knit or sweater whatsoever! which can be translated into; how am I supposed to survive winter? щ(ಥДಥщ) I have about 10 pieces of outer, only 4 of them can be considered as warm, 2 are suspicious, while the rest is so so. That being one of the reason (the others are; I've been visiting their official site regularly, looking at so many beautiful things that I want and yes, i just want to buy them), I decided to purchase some.

The last time I bought Liz Lisa, it was on sale so I got plastic bag instead of regular bag. This bag is very simple but for some reason I love it!

1. Side String Knit x Lace Inner Set in color navy(054)
I have this serious love affair with navy, sapphire blue color. My friend told me that this particular shade of blue is linked with feeling of depression lol. This sweater is absolutely lovely, I really love the details on each bottom side; laced up ribbons. It came together with lace inner. Very comfy and it fits me perfectly.

2. Frilly Turtle Neck Knit in color Caramel (021)
This one is a little tight on me, especially on the neck but I still love it. I really love the details; the ribbons, lace, the pattern, I love every single thing about this baby. Can't wait for the temperature to drop low enough so I can head out in this.

3. Rose Lotion
The body lotion I've been talking about in my past entries. I'm seriously in love with its smell. It smells like rose but it's different with any other rose body lotion or perfume I've ever tried. This has a unique, peculiar, and pleasant earthy scent. The scent is a gentle, warm, and romantic (?) it can be too powerful for some people but I find myself addicted to it. Since it's a chambre a coucher product, it came with different bag.

Since yesterday, the temperature had suddenly rise, my Japanese friends are complaining about the sudden heat, even as I write now, the temperature is rising up to 30 degrees Celsius O___O which is why I still can't go out in these clothes for the time being ; w ;) and had to put my summer clothes back to the rack.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you have a nice autumn while I enjoy a little bit more of summer here^^
Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nameless Euphoria

Manga and Anime has been inseparable part of my life, it's no wonder when I come to Japan, the need to buy official goods and merchandise came out. I rarely buy useless or decorative items, since I'm on limited budget, I often buy things with functional value. And books, yes, books, I mean, doujinshi, it's a must have since there's almost no way to get them unless you come to Japan and buy them in events like Comic Market (twice a year), Comic Spark, or Super Comic City. Buying anime goods in Japan is not hard, Animate is the best source. Below are two items I bought from Animate, actually only one. The necklace is a birthday present from my friend. The tote bag is very handy! We're always given a plastic bag whenever we buy something but I have too many plastic bag already so I usually tell the cashier I don't need plastic bag (袋大丈夫) and stuffs them into this tote.

They mostly sell new stuffs and you can find almost all of them; goods like umbrella, clear file, note book, food, comic books, artbook, cosplay tools, cd, and dvds, some animate even have doujinshi section. Animate has branch all over Japan, since I live in Tokyo, I usually visit animate in Shibuya and Ikebukuro. There're two animate in Ikebukuro, one for goods and merch while the other one is for cosplay items, each of them have 9 floors! Imagine all items you can find there. 

Coming to Japan, I find myself fall in love all over again with Prince of Tennis/テニスの王子様 which was my major fandom about 4-5 years ago. I forgot what trigger it but maybe it's back on June when I stumbled upon Shounen Square and read them again. I didn't buy much, really, just stuff I can use and doujinshi. The keychains are from gachapon (@ 200 JPY). The yellow pouch is a pass-card case. When riding train, you can use manual ticket which means you have to purchase it before going. It's not very convenient so I use SUICA, a rechargeable fare card (called IC Card in Japan), just put this briefly over the scanner and we're ready to go, no last time ticket buying that cost us missing the train. Since IC Card is everyday staple and customary in Japan, pretty much like handphone, many IC Card holder are being sold in various designs. I bought this pouch in around mid-June from Amazon, it originally came with a strap but it's broken so I attach it using zipper. I wanted to buy the same item to replace this one, sadly, this item is no longer sold in Animate.

I currently have 5 kgs worth of doujinshi (bought online, at Mandarake and Comic Market/natsucomi).. Excuse me, but I've been wanting to have one since 8 years ago when I was in Middle School -.-" it's a long time crush, I just have to. The picture above only contain almost 1/3 of my collection. While general public views people who's active in doujin activity (esp girls) to be messy, ugly, and unfashionable, I beg to differ. When I went to Natsucomi, I was surprised to find how cute all of them are! They're very fashionable, beautiful, I noticed many of them are wearing clothes from Liz Lisa, Wonder Rocket, Earth Music & Ecology (I often visit their online shop to kill time so I remember their products lol), wear pretty make up; in general, they're so different from what general public view them as! For first timer, you might wonder if you're in the right place because these cute, adorable, and beautiful girls doesn't seem to fit the image of that kind of event.

Eh, so, the main reason why I write this entry is because yesterday was the release of Rikkai Team Collection DVD. Prince of Tennis, other than anime, has been adapted into musical stage with handsome and good looking boys as actors. In Japan, these kind of boys are known as ikemen/イケメン, some of you is probably familiar with this term. Anyways, Tenimyu has been around since 2003 and it's been 10 years ever since, it's running its '2nd season' right now, repeating the same story with new casts and some new songs (and more money-milking merchandise). Since I'm a devoted Rikkai fan (one of tennis team), I'm naturally attracted to their cast and for 2nd season cast, I'm irrevocably in love with Kubota Hidetoshi. Fans' general view of him is ikemen as in very very ikemen, many people are at loss of words when they meet him in flesh and can only think of word ikemen. He's explained as ikemen sugiru no ikemen (and ikemen who is too ikemen; aka; he's very very handsome that you cannot think of anything). I went to see his stage once and for 50 minutes of play, I could only think of the same thing; he's too perfect that I don't even know what word to describe him anymore. 

Anyways, back to main topic, the DVD! I went to buy the DVD yesterday at Animate Shibuya, I came 30 minutes before Animate is opened lol. Once the store is opened, I immediately grab the DVD and pay. Then I waited for an hour in 109 for my friend, we ate sushi after that. I'll talk more specifically about my Shibuya day in other entry. The DVD content is very good, I'm highly amused with this DVD, the casts are hilarious, I just love this very much and I didn't regret spending my money on this. Since this DVD is in Japanese and has no subtitle whatsoever, it's also beneficial for my study (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Sneak peak for the next post!