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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Speak to me of a dream still not long overdue

We went to Tokyo Disneyland on the last day of tour. Cannot say it's a good experience since we only, ONLY, enjoyed one attraction which was Mark Twain's ship. But what can you do when you go to a theme park with your mother, grandmother, and aunt? They're much more interested in buying souvenirs ^^;. Since I'm not really fond of theme park (and crowded place) in the beginning, I spent about six hours taking pictures. I really, really wanted to display all of them here but since I guess none of you want to see all 167 pictures in one post, I just posted 17 of my favorite pictures. Alas, when the time of parade starts, my camera ran out of battery so I put it back in its pouch and enjoyed the parade. Disney was, after all, a somewhat huge part of my childhood, so it's no wonder I felt chill while watching the Parade, I thought I was going to cry because I was so overwhelmed. I really want to go here again, alone, and at that time I will get in all attraction to make up for this one.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Can You hear the water calls?


We took a ride from Hakone pier to Shin-Hakone by pirate ship before going back to last transit in Odawara station and then back to Tokyo by bus. I immediately went to the dock but it was already crowded, I had to wait for about 6 minutes until I can get a clear shot of my dad^^; . I took much more pictures, mostly of things I saw from the dock but since it was cloudy,  the result was rather poor, or rather; very poor that I didn't even have the heart to edit them presentable. My sis was having fun pointing at random things she saw with our cousins while I snapped lots and lots of pictures. On the ride back home, I found out that one of my headset was dead ;___: I'm still looking for a perfect one to replace this one, currently using cheap one I bought in hyakuen shop but I can't with the poor quality. Wish me luck in finding the one.
Friday, August 23, 2013

close like you used to be

We went to Mt. Fuji on the second day. Our guide, Hitomi-san, told us that since it's summer, the chance to see the top of Mt. Fuji clearly is nearly impossible. However, luck was on our side because the bus suddenly stop on its way to 5th station and Hitomi-san told us to get off bus and take picture because Mt. Fuji can be clearly seen!! How lucky~ I did not have the picture here since I forgot to remove it from dad's MC. After Mt. Fuji, we went to Owakudani through gondola. It's a beautiful place and it has this special egg called "Black Egg". They boiled the eggs inside sulfuric water and it came out black. My dad wanted to see it so me, together with my cousin, went all the way up the the place where the black egg was made and bought ten of them. Next destination is Hakone, actually, we're already in Hakone but we're not exactly right in Hakone. 
Wednesday, August 21, 2013

with You I wanna Start

My family came to Japan last week. four days never felt so short in my life, wish I could spend more time with them and instead of joining a tour, I want to walk through the city with them, talking about things I missed and they missed while sitting in St Mark Cafe with plates full of chococro and a cup of small sized Ice Chocolate. We went to Tokyo Tower and Meiji Jingu on the first day. How I wanted to snatch them away from the tour group and wind up in Harajuku which is just straight across the street. There're many, or should I say; too many pictures. Maybe you'll get a spam of them in five days ahead, I apologize in advance.
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In the heat of summer sunshine


This semester is finally over, my first semester on Japan is officially over. To celebrate, on 4-6th this month, I went to Kyoto and Nara on campus' program. I visited lots of places, correction, lots of temples and bought lots of omamori for my family. It's not like we believe in omamori, but, hey, it's the thought that counts, right? My family will be visiting Japan from today to 18th, I will probably come back with more pictures. By the way, it's very hot here in Japan, the temperature is from 30-37 degree celsius. If any of you is coming to Japan, please do not forget sun hat, sun umbrella, or Sunscreen.

Have a good summer.