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Sunday, June 30, 2013

do you, do you remember?

ひげ かわいい 森ガール のデコメ絵文字 Greetings,

Oh god, this post has been in my draft for two weeks 森ガール の画像 long overdue post AND, FINALLY, long promised outfit post 森ガール の画像

By the way, Wednesday three weeks ago, I went to Harajuku キャラクター かわいい 森ガール はーと の画像 It's raining horribly but despite that, many high school students are there, talking, laughing, eating crepes and just hanging around in general. What amazes me was the fact that none of them carry umbrella森ガール の画像 I'd like to apologize for not taking any pictures there. It was impossible for me to take pictures in the midst of crowd and pelting rain 森ガール ふんわり のデコメ絵文字 I visited Paris Kid, as suggested by Gohalainn, but none of them fit to my liking so I didn't buy anything. I went straight to Wonder Rocket even though my original plan is to visit Freegia and Sango first. The atmosphere in the store was surprisingly good. Though the weather was horrible, the warm palette of the store; the furnitures, the clothes, make the place warm. Girls who work there were nice too, they dress beautifully 森ガール の画像 I remember seeing some of them on Wonder Rocket's website. One thing that creeped me out was how they religiously chirp "irasshaimase" and other words related to new times even though there were no new customer at all にぃの リク 森ガール記号 etc.いってみよ~!(b^ー°) のデコメ絵文字 . Did you remember my last post about Wonder Rocket wishlist? Though I mention three items, only one of them was there 森ガール の画像. I tried three pieces and decided to go with two of them 森ガール の画像. After that, I immediately run to station since I need to meet my friends 爽葉 リク 森ガール 見てね(^◇^)┛ の画像.

Last week, I finally went to Tamagawa or Tama River. I promised to visit this river since it has the same name with my friend; Tama. Took a lot of picture despite the cloud rolling in here and then.

See you next time, have a great summer holiday 森ガール ふんわり の画像