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Friday, May 3, 2013

and I take three steps


Last Monday, I went to Shinjuku, Odaiba, then Harajuku. I didn't made it to Shibuya last Sunday, no problem because I had more fun (and more money to spend) on Monday. We went to Shinjuku first because my friends wanted to buy camera, in the end, a friend of mine from Myanmar ended up with not only camera but also portable wi-fi, clothes, and some other things. After eating (expenssive, but) delicious lunch at Thai Restaurant, we parted ways; two went back to dorm and me with other two went to Odaiba. I was very excited for several reasons;
image I have always wanted to go to Odaiba because it's the main stage of Digimon Adventure! I really want to go there even if just once
image I wanted to take picture with Gundam in front of Diver City
image I heard Odaiba is warmer than Fuchu (my place), since I'm sucker for warmth after coming here, this place is a must visit
image Jonghyun Kim was there, hello~
We changed train in Shinbashi and went on monorail, it was my first time riding monorail and I immediately remembered a scene in One Fine Day when Jonghyun took monorail to Odaiba which made me even more excited. My excitement increased tenfold when we finally arrived at Odaiba Station, it's a really different place, different from the bustling city of Shibuya and from the quiet place of Fuchu, it's like a whole different world. The buildings were tall and modern but there's not much people around, it's almost vacant, maybe because it was holiday, I assumed that in weekdays people are going here and there to work. The weather was good too. I took pictures in front of Fuji TV, one thing that I have always wanted to do since I was in elementary school (but I didn't post it here, please refer to my facebook), as I look at that building, I replayed many scenes from Digimon Adventures, ah, childhood is truly the best moment in life, it's so precious. Next we headed for Diver City to meet Gundam!! It's so huge and majestic, I wish we could get inside and ride it but it's not possible. We went to Shimamura where I got this cute backpack along with pouch, wallet, and phone charm for 2000円. I was originally meant to buy sling bag but since the sling bag cost more than the backpack, I decided to purchase the backpack.

Originally, we were meant to go home straight after going to Odaiba, but when we were about to arrive in Harajuku station, we automatically get up and got off in Harajuku lol, excuse us, we're girls anyway. We immediately went to Takeshita-doori which, surprisingly, in my opinion is not as crowded as Shibuya. It seemed scary and intimidating at first but when I walked in the crowd; hey, this is so much better than Shibuya. I know this sounds weird but I personally avoid going to Shibuya again unless someone invited me, and unless there's an event of my favorite artist in Tower Record, it's too crowded for my liking ( ̄。 ̄). Back to Harajuku, Takeshita-dori, there're so many small store that sell crepes! I've been dying for some Japanese desert and now I want some. We walked more a bit and guess what I found;

Yes, Wonder Rocket store!! I didn't wait to get inside, it's such a beautiful and dreamy place. They have all the items listed on their website and some which are already taken down (like the blazer that I've been dreaming about for days). Sadly, I've used all my money for the bag so I didn't buy anything, but I've noted the items and prices on my head so no biggies, I will probably come here again in the end of May or around June, no worries, I have it all planned in my head. We walked around a bit before stopping at undies shop that hold a golden week sale, my friend wanted to go there so I tagged along with here. Next I stopped at various Momo Store and the other one that has Wonder Rocket store, but none of them were as appealing as the first store that I went to.

We spent another time at Matsumoto Kiyoshi where I sampled some concealer (mine is running out and I'm looking for better one) and Mascara. My friends purchased things, they blamed me because I was the one urging them to get inside Matsumoto Kiyoshi but I'm the one who didn't spend any money on anything lol. Guys, I have it all planned, I do not breach my own plan, but... sorry for making you buy things? (=ω=;) I don't think I can stress enough how you have to restrain yourself to buy every single thing you see in Japan, a detailed financial plan and good self-restraint is a must. After leaving Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a friend of mine wanted to eat Tendon but another one wanted crepes. In the end they decided it with janken and we ended up with crepes. We ended the day with crepe, I had choco-banana crepe, which in my personal opinion, is not as delicious as D'Crepes Chocolate Banana one (^^;). But well, everyone have different taste, no?

Today golden week is starting, today I'm going again to Shinjuku to purchase a Japanese cell-phone, not a sumaho but the regular flip phone. Tomorrow I will be attending Kurayami Matsuri and on Sunday I will meet my classmate. Seriously, I have mentioned many times about meeting my classmate, right? But the plan has been cancelled, twice, and they always called it off a day before. I was kind of bummed and whatever about this time, I'll just go and see how they deal it this time.

That's it, folks, have a good days ahead.