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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Either Sunny or Cloudy


As I mentioned on previous post, last Saturday, I went to Asakusa and Shibuya with other exchange students. We were supposed to watch a Samurai Festival but since it was so crowded, it was impossible to watch it. We were disappointed but at least we got to eat our conbini bought bento while watching Tokyo Sky Tree and people water-skiiing. After then, we spent our time in Asakusa Traditional Market where my friends went crazy buying bags and what nots, I only bought a mitarashii dango which is perfect for someone with sweet tooth like me lol. After that, I went to Shibuya to meet Japanese people who is learning Indonesian language and some other Indonesian students. I wish I could take more picture but since it was raining, I didn't dare to take out my camera. I only captured few pictures, this one I posted here is a view as seen from 2nd floor of the infamous Shibuya 109. We ended up in a sushi restaurant where I ate lots of delicious sushi, it's true, Japanese sushi is on whole different level. It's so fresh and delicious ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

On Sunday I spent a whole day without going out of my room, I was so tired because I rarely sit at all on Saturday (the only time I sit down to rest was on the Ginza Line from Asakusa to Shibuya, in restaurant, and in my last train) ( ̄へ ̄). Anyways, I went to Tachikawa on Tuesday to get my baito permission with my Senpai. The initial plan was; go to immigration office > visit book off for STUDY RELATED BOOKS ONLY > buy daily needs at Daiso > eat lunch > go back. That's pretty much the whole plan. However, since me and my Senpai are both girls, we couldn't help but to;
image get inside a drug store because I saw Dolly Wink lashes. Turn out it was SUN DRUG and they sell lots and lots of drug store make up products including Majolica Majorca and Canmake.
Do you need to guess what happened next? I bought them.
image My Senpai couldnt' find the book she's looking for, we ended up at manga and CD Section.
image We got sidetracked as we passed a clothes bazaar that sell secondhand items and spent about 30 minutes there
image Went to Daiso, went as planned...or not because I ended up looking at the cooking and baking instruments instead of looking for what I need --"
Yeah, I learned that in Japan, self-restraint is a must! If necessary, empty out your pocket so only transportation and lunch fee is in it, it keeps you from buying things! But of course, there's no helping window shopping (ι´Д`)ノ

Since I was out of bb cream last Monday, I've been planning to get new bb cream and the bb cream I've been eyeing is Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream. It has SPF 50. PA+++ which is a huge improvement from my previous Shini Star BB Cream (SPF20.PA++). I cut my old bb cream and found out there're still some amount of BB Cream left so I haven't use Canmake's  BB Cream at all.

The other item I bought was what makes me interested in make up on the first place, it's Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek. I swear had I never encounter this product, I will never be interested in make up. At all. I didn't think much and grabbed the one in Cherry Macaron since I assumed the other colour won't show up on my skin. It's so pretty I'm scared to use it but I have used it once this Wednesday. It sits on my cheeks beautifully but since yesterday's weather was pretty bad and I had to went grocery shopping, this baby couldn't survive the harsh wind (ι´Д`)ノ

the one on the left is in room lightning while on the right is under sunlight.
both are pretty but the sunlit one is more true to colour 
。◕ ‿ ◕。
I can't wait to wear this again but my skin condition has been bad щ(ಥДಥщ). I has small pimples developing all over my cheek and horrible redness on my nose area. I didn't know why, it could be hormones but it could be because I have been using Hadalabo Lotion for past weeks. Despite knowing that it could trigger break out on oily skin, I still went ahead and buy it since on the first two weeks my skin was so dry. I still cannot say for sure it's hadalabo's doing but I will see if it one week my skin condition didn't change, then I'd probably use it again, but if the pimples disappear, I will stop using it and purchase another brand. Does anyone know Japanese facial product that is good for oily skin?

By the way, after looking at Rakuten's site, I found that One Piece Semonten CAWAII only has three stores in Japan. One in Chiba, one in Tokyo, and another one in Mukougaokayuen. The first two shops are quiet far from my place, going back and forth requires around 2000 JPY from my place so they're kind of out of question. Thankfully, the one in Mukougaokayuen is closer to my place. The cheapest way to get there requires walking and taking bus, then walk again until Komae. I take one train ride to Komae station to to Mukougaokayuen station. Moreover, I have a friend who live in Komae so maybe I could go with her. We initially planned to go to Kichijoji last Sunday, sadly, she got a cold due to the heavy rain on Saturday. I wish her well.

I'm planning to go to Shibuya again this Sunday to meet my fellow classmate from my home university. Then on Monday, I will go to Shinjuku then Harajuku. Since I'm going to Harajuku, I will totally visit Momo Store to find some mori items, not sure whether I will buy it or not though (ΘεΘ;). I'm currently looking for a maxi skirt. Japan has lots of cute and adorable skirt with lace accent but why almost all of them are short? 

This entry unexpectedly become a long entry, a messy and jumbled one at that. I will post again next Monday, probably with mori item findings and more pretty pictures. Japan has a lot of good scenery but I always forget to bring my camera sobs. I wish the weather is nice on Sunday & Monday, it was reported that rain will fall tomorrow, sigh.

Have a nice weekend
Monday, April 22, 2013

Mori Monday 「1」


I've been leaving this blog vacant for a way too long. It will soon be a month since I arrived in Japan. I'm slowly getting used with the life here, it's not easy but it's fun, and I'm living everyday with a smile. I made more friends in past two weeks which is a good thing since I'm not good at socializing with new people. We went to Asakusa and Shibuya last Saturday. It rained a lot but I had a nice time. And earlier today, I discovered that a small market near my place has some Dolly Wink items. I've saw Majolica Majorca and Canmake, and some other drug store products before but this is the first time I saw Dolly Wink's product.

As promised, this is the mori girl post, surely some of you are missing it...or not? Kekeke either way is fine. I've been looking around "One Piece Semonten" Spring Release, most of them are looking light, nothing too heavy. The layering is notably lighter, usually a top with lace trimming over a skirt. Here are some of my favorite item. Click on the item name to visit the site.

Honestly, i beg to differ the usage of 'parka' here, it's not exactly a parka, more a hooded cardigan, capuchon, or something else --" Either way, it's just my opinion which doesn't matter at all and doesn't lessen the beauty of this 'parka'. It comes in two colour but I, without further thinking, would purchase the blue one if I could. I'm a complete sucker for blue. This look warm enough for spring attire, maybe suitable for winter too. I'm thinking we could make this by trimming laces on our plain cardigan. Maybe one day when I can sew by myself I will make one of this, worth trying. And, yes, we can't have enough of cardigan, or parka.

I beg your pardon but I just can't ignore the caption on the picture; favorite original RACE RAYERD skirt. Dear, One Piece Semonten, I'm so willing to help you in this department lol. Regardless the funny item name (which we actually understand what does it mean anyway), this skirt is the typical layered skirt Mori Girl often wear. I like the toned down brown colour, it's pale but not cold. They spice things up with colour cordination. I'm not good at colour coordination so I adore the styling and colour coordi on this on. They skillfully pair items with different brown hues into beautiful colour coordination, a perfect work of art. Back to the skirt, the material look very lightweight, the laces are thrown asymmetrically, giving an accent to it. This skirt is quiet long so maybe this could be altered into dress of some sort.

While I'll look like legless in this pants, I still adore this! I have short legs and this cut is unflattering on me, so sad, wish I could work this. Anyways, this is one of those "otherworldly kind of cute" aka. this is way too cute I cannot believe this thing exist. I noticed that Mori Girl often sport this kind of pants, I don't know how to call this, not a harem pants, puffed pants? Balloon pants? Either way, they're super adorable and can be worn when you want to give boyish accent to your outfit. I think this pants would be perfect for summer; shirt with lace-sailor collar over this pants. Perfect. Of course, regular shirt will do.

image Natural Stitch-Lace One Piece
This baby over here is perfect for summer, over lace trimmed camisole or under light-weight cardigan. For spring, wear this over a shirt, cardigan works too. This one-piece is all rounder because I can see Mori Girl wearing this in Fall or winter with heavy layering. This would be a perfect summer dress, I can already picture someone wearing this while walking barefoot by the beach side. This can be worn as skirt too, layering is the key.

From all the items above, the skirt is my favorite. How about you? What's your favorite piece?

Monday, April 8, 2013

A week in Japan

Yesterday marked the 7th day since my arrival which means I've been in Japan for a week. The weather wasn't very friendly when I arrived, it rained a lot and the wind was so strong. It rained again last night while I was on my way to Parco. I looked around for a while before moving to Seiyu because Parco closed down at 9. The second floor of Seiyu housed a lot of adorable socks, lots of them, I swear, Japan has the most adorable, cute, and un-earthy socks ever, they're just socks but I want to splurge on them uggh >__< It has been warm since Friday, I remember enjoying the warm sunshine in front of Tama Station as I wait for my bus to arrive. I haven't went to anywhere fancy, just to Fuchu, a Shinto Shrine which name I forgot, 100 En Shop (which is heaven for cheapskate like me), and Parco. It's not that I don't have a time to, I'm still not used to the transportation and the weather haha. Thankfully, today the sun decided to shine its light on me. Around 3 pm, my room is bathed in sunlight! Just what I have been waiting for. Even then, the weather is still slightly cold for me, I wish I can get used to it soon. I don't know if I can make and outift post but a mori article is coming~

Class is starting today, in fact, in an hour. I really should get going because I still don't know which class to take haha

Later, folks.
Thursday, April 4, 2013



On April 1st I finally arrived in Japan!! There's problem with the internet but I finally get the hang of it now. Since I'm not used to the cold yet, 10ºC is killing me, I'm shivering badly on the first day. On Tuesday, rain started to fall, it's really horrible, the temperature reached 8 degrees!! I didn't remember how did I survive. But moving around is the key to keep myself warm so I started to stretch after 15 minutes or so. The rain yesterday was horrible, not to mention the strong wind, I was on my way to Orientation and the wind nearly blow me away --" Thankfully, it stopped around 3 pm and I happily hopped outside to take pictures. See, the wind even blew down the bicycle. There's this place where all bicycles were thrown around but I didn't post it here lol. I will be going out and about again tomorrow, since the forecast said it'll be sunny all day, I will dress up properly.

Yes, everyone here dressed adorably. While I was shivering there's this girl walking in shorts and stockings, and I was like; how could you I can't T___T
Monday, April 1, 2013
By the time you read this post, I'm already on my way to Japan.
This is written on Saturday, March 30th.

When the decision was made, I was left with many things unsolved which is why the supposed to be a week of rest turned to be a hectic week of finishing unfinished schedules. A plan to have random walk with my friends were made weeks ago but the others, such as visiting dentist, going back and forth to my campus, and so on. Yesterday was a fun day, we had breakfast on McD then went to my friend's tutor. She is a Japanese and her house is so mori!! I didn't take any picture because it was rude to do so, or so I think. But I swear, her room looks like it's coming out of Mori Photoshoot Set. After then, we walked out and about, taking random pictures (my friends took them with their DSLR hence the lack of photo), talking, laughing; all the things you do with friends. We had lunch at House of Wok, all of us, except me, ordered Fried Rice but we couldn't finish it. I was planning to go back by 2 but we spent another hour or so trying to get a good group picture, I messed up tho. It was so hot, I couldn't think straight, thankfully, I managed to drive back home safely. I had dinner with him, Mie Jawa is the most delicious thing on earth, I wouldn't be able to eat this again until next year so I eat to my heart content (been doing this for a week tbh). Today, I went again to the dentist and even though I was struggling to keep my eyes open, I greeted my cousins and family who came this afternoon to bid their farewell. Truthfully, I'm a little miffed about the whole deal because I really want to have a whole day to rest but I have to wait for another year until I can meet them again, so I resist. It was fun, I'm so blessed to have them around me. Me and mom tried to pack earlier and...all things I want to bring fit in the trunk but I seriously need to take some things off haha it's so heavy and I don't want to bring too many things. I had to left my skirt and wool jacket for practical reason. My boots also...I hope I can have them shipped my boots to me this Fall.

I hope I can have a lazy morning tomorrow. I seriously need to rest, rest and enjoy my house because I'm not coming back here until next February. I will blog again once I arrived. Till then, folks.
I'm a creeper, it's official.