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Monday, December 30, 2013

Comic Market 85

Yesterday, I went to Winter Comic Market. It was considerably smaller than Summer's one and for some reason, Comic Spark, which was supposed to be a smaller in scale than Comic Market, felt bigger and more exhausting than this time. While my feet were dying and the straps of my bag were digging into my shoulders in the past two events, my feet was fine and I did not feel that exhausted. I also surprised myself by only purchasing four doujinshis O___O. While I did not take pictures at all during Summer Comi, because I was too busy going from one place to another and it was too hot outside (cosplay area is outside) to take pictures, I took quiet pictures of cosplay this time.

The view when I was waiting outside. We had to wait for an hour until we can get inside. It was way worse and took longer back then in summer. This was not even the quarter of people.

Secretly caught pictures of Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers. While we were inside, where it was forbidden to take pictures, we always saw SnK cosplayer but when we went to cosplay area, they're nowhere to be found, strange image

One of many cosplay area. I said, this sea of people is not even 1/8 of total attendance!

Don't know what characters from what anime but they're good

From Tiger & Bunny

Nanako-chan from Persona 4! One of the best cosplayer I saw, she looked like a real Nanako-chan! I had to line up to take her picture because everyone was so eager to take her picture. Not surprising considering how flaw free her cosplay is.

Seriously an angel image

The best cosplay I saw today, I had to give, to this cosplayer of Inori from Guilty Crown. Not only she made a perfect Inori, big applause to her perfect costume and how she stood there outside with very revealing and minimal article of clothing when it's probably below 10 degrees outside. That's what you call dedication.

Godsent. Angel. perfect.

The Psycho Pass Trio! If only they had Kagari...those dominators tho image

Another Psycho Pass cosplayers which happened to stood beside the previous one. I really want dominator image

Vocaloid cosplayers. Cute Miku.

Childhood memories...I really love Syaoran here image

Bow down to Beatrice, that's all.

My friends asked me to come on the 2nd & 3rd day also but I declined since I don't have anything that I want to do so I only came on the first day. Tomorrow will be the last day but I have decided to spend New Year's Eve at Yokohama after a small pizza party at my place. See you later, hopefully with Fukubukuro Update, I hope you have a good day too tomorrow!
Saturday, December 21, 2013

Free! Campaign at Shinjuku Station and Fukubukuro update

I was elated when my friends told me they had Free! ads displayed in JR Lines station, Shinjuku. I had planned to go karaoke with Chamayu and Yamaken today at Kichijouji but for the sake of Free! ads, I impulsively changed the location to Shinjuku. After three hours of karaoke, a quick purikura session (in which I introduced Yamaken to the wonder/horror of purikura, we quickly left to station to take pictures. Yamaken was flabbergasted as why people took pictures of all these anime guys and I boasted that Free! is known internationally (I'm not lying tho). While other people took only pictures of them, being a shameless gaijin (foreigner), I boldly took picture together with the ad.
happy, satisfied, pleased, shameless gaijin
I snapped the other ads too, of course. I hope they're still there next time because they're so big, so gorgeous, so *///*
Mako-chan >///< so handsome
Yamaken is blocking the c0ck-block Nagisa ^ q ^
Haruuuu > w <
My Prince Tachibana Makoto. Ideal Husband-material >///<
I'm happy that my OTP are together but they should be bigger O ^ O
Rin-chan nau ^ q ^
Prince Makoto /starry eyed
this is not an anime about homo swimming guys. This is an anime of INTENSE FEELS
couples everywhere ^ q ^
Free! aside, they revealed the content of Liz Lisa Fukubukuro today and, boy, I'm glad I decided to order it because I actually like the content of it. The coat in Rich Vintage Rose Carry is absolutely adorable. I'm thankful RVRC does not contain loads of bright pastel colored items and throw in warm color like brown, the reason why I'm not really fond of LL's Winter's collection is primarily because it's a sea of light pastel colored items.

Winter Comic Market is next week. I swear, this time I will take *pictures* properly. Of outfit pictures too because it needs to be documented, a historical moment in my life /sigh. Also, I watched Kanojo wa uso wo aishisugiteru starring my eternal handsome prince, Mizuta Kouki who only showed for about less than 10 minutes but more than 5 minutes. The movie was surprisingly good tho the story differs from the original, the songs were surprisingly good, and the movie was very pleasant to my eyes because majority of them were taken during golden hour which means soft, velvety, beautiful, golden hues everywhere * w *

I cut my hair. It's too short but I surprisingly like it * w *
Sunday, December 8, 2013

All Alone with You

top, jumper skirt; Liz Lisa, boots; unbranded

When I'm feeling blue, I dress up the way I want and took pictures at my secret place. Wearing my favorite dream dress; Liz Lisa Jumper skirt in sapphire blue. I can never stop saying how flattering this dress is, how comfy it is, how classic and versatile it is. Definitely a purchase I will never regret.

If one were to take a look at my current playlist, they'd assume that I'm in the middle of depression or something. Well, I'm not. I just naturally fall in love with depressing, tears-inducing, heart-breaking, earth-shattering, song. It doesn't have to be ballad because Evanescence's 「Bring Me to Life」 is obviously not a ballad. 「All Alone with You」 by EGOIST has been on endless loop too, along with Matsushita Yuuya's re-arrangement of 「Hallucination 」. From western song, Imagine Dragon's 「Demon」 & 「Monster」, also, ZEDD feat. Foxes' 「Clarity」 also reside in my playlist. They're perfect songs when you feel trapped, suffocated, like you're in the middle of the dark, but at the same time, they're also telling you that there's someone in this world extending their hands for you, there's someone in this world who will stay, who want to stay with you. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rose Colored Sun

blazer; Liz Lisa, onepiece; Tralala, stocking; Tutuanna, Shoes; offbrand

After discovering the magic of golden hour, like how everyone said, I just cannot not take picture at given time. I mean, just look at the beautiful sunlight and how it hits and illuminates everything in flattering golden hues. Next time when I visit Inokashira Park, I'd like to take another picture at golden hour by the lake there, hopefully it'll be as beautiful.  The blazer is from Liz Lisa and dress from Tralala. This blazer has become my staples during autumn, lately, I've been wearing down jacket over it for the sake of protection from cold weather. I really love how versatile both pieces are, the blazer goes basically with everything I own in my wardrobe.
Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lis Liza Fukubukuro 2014

Yes. Yes, I'm sold. You can have all my money, Lis Liza, you can have it all because your Rich Vintage Rose Carry or whatever it is has won over my heart.

VENT Online Store just revealed their lines' fukubukuro (lucky pack)'s packaging earlier. I've been thinking of whether I'll buy Liz Lisa's fukubukuro or completing my wishlist instead. One decisive factor is the packaging of their fukubukuro. Since I'm completely in love with LL's Princess Trunk that they released for this year, if they release similar packaging, I will probably purchase it with no doubt. 

My homecoming time is near and with all things I purchased while I was here, I doubt my current trunks (26" & 19") will be enough, I mean; I bought a real lot of things; books, clothes, baking utensils, and I really want to bring them back home lol. When I visited COMIKE, many of attenders brought a trunk-luggage and I really think it's cute, it has a vintage and romantic air to it, which practically means I'm sold for such trunks. The price varied but mostly it's around 16.000 JPY - 30.000 JPY.

So, upon seeing this year's Fukubukuro's packaging, which is practically the kind of trunk I've been dying to have, like I mentioned above (and multiple times); I'm sold. Personally, I think this is a good deal, because:

  • I got the trunk I wanted
  • this trunk carries 9 items in total, price-wise, it's a better deal than buying the trunk in other stores
  • there's a big probability of getting items that I'm not fond of, but as long as there's still items that I like, it's no big deal
  • the trunk is gorgeous, enough said.

The only downside is I cannot request a specific date to have this trunk delivered which means I have to be ready anytime after 1st of January. I still don't have, and probably won't have any specific plan for January, I think I stuff enough plans on December (fuyucomi!!) so I probably I'll be in my room when the usual kind old man comes to deliver my trunk.
Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sweet Paradise Kichijouji Day Out

Super late post but I've been quite unmotivated lately, basically in everything. I need to work on my assignments but it feels like someone just throw all my motivation out the window. Anyways, I think I've mentioned it repeatedly that it's getting cold lately because winter is coming. November is almost ending and I can see myself shivering like a tiny leave in my own room. I've worn what I thought 'warm enough' sleeping attire, two sheets of blanket but it was not enough. So, to save myself and my electricity bill, I decided to buy myself a pajama from Tutuanna (precisely as pictured) which I have difficulty getting out from because it's just comfy and warm.

And yes, it's 11 am but I'm still wearing it. 

I had a all you can eat spree at Kichijouji's Sweet Paradise with my tutor, Misaki, and another two lovely friends, Yukimi & Akari. Yukimi & Akari went home right after we gobbled all the cakes while me and Misaki went to another spree which was shopping spree. Or rather, it was Misaki who went on shopping spree while I went to grocery shopping spree. It was tiring but another satisfying day.

Only three months left until I'm going back to my country. Time sure is fast and that is why I have to cherish the moment called now.

See you later, have a good days ahead.