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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Life Lately

2018 is barely 4 months away, 2017 had many things happened to me, both for better and worse. You might have noticed the lack of activity in my blog, and that's one of the consequence. Nevertheles, I'm trying to enjoy what it's been giving me.
My love affair with warm-toned eyeshadow still continues. I’ve been enjoying applying Etude House Enamel Eyes in OR02, a glittery cream eyeshadow with lovely shades of pinkish-orange. From the same brand is the Play 101 Pencil, an equally creamy brown pencil liner with fine golden specks, to tight-line my eyes, something I didn’t fancy doing before! On my lips, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague has become a staple, the fuchsia color is nice addition to my berry tones lipstick collection.

Coffee has become compulsory, like education, for my life. I noticed that during fasting month when I wasn’t able to get my daily morning fix, my mood just went abysmal; for an entire month at that. Now that I can get it daily again, I never want to part with it anymore, such a cliché my life has become, eh? Adding hazelnut syrup to my Americano is something I’ve been enjoying as of late. 

On June, I was diagnosed with problems on my knees, I’m not allowed to wear heels anymore, so I had to bid goodbye to my majority of footwear (which basically meant; everything). I’ve been living in Keds ever since, and I have to say I’m a convert!  I have a pair from Disney Collection, and I’m eyeing another one they do with Riffle Paper & Co.

After graduating college, I’ve found my signature style which includes A-line skirt (my favorite is from Zara, with pockets, very handy!) and t-shirt. Most of my clothing is from Stradivarius, t-shirt included, and I’ve always got the one from basic collection. Last August, I picked up one from the organic line, the material is thicker than the usual, with longer sleeves as well, I cannot stop wearing them! I have two; one in mustard and muted pink.

I’m still pretty much in love with everything NCT127 got to offer, their latest album CHERRY BOMB has been my favorite since its release (Whiplash tops everything else, no further question). Creeping into my playlist are Superheroes by The Script and Stay by Zedd & Alessia Cara. I’ve also been loving the old album from 2012 by EGOIST, her soft vocal always managed to get me.
Saturday, August 26, 2017

Old Love Affair with Korean Brands

Like true k-pop fans, the only makeup I knew back then had been Korean makeups. It was all the rage back in 2010, everyone seemed to be in love with the 8 steps Korean skincare (which was crazy for teenage me who found the idea of applying lip balm appalling), the sheet masks, and the BB-cream. I remember my very first makeup product was Shini Star BB Cream from Etude House, then rice concealer from The Skin Food (which was pretty meh), and eyeliner from The Face Shop (the worst eyeliner in history).

I was never into them anymore after beauty blogging took me by storm, introducing me to western brands, and my experience in living in Japan itself changed my preference. Love, however, had its way of coming back. Everything pretty much started after I picked up the red eyeshadow by The Saem, inspired by the gorgeous burgundy eyes I saw on K-Con Mexico, I searched high and low only to find the red/pinks eyeshadow available on Korean Makeup brands (not even NYX had them in stock! Shocking!). I had the red one first, then just a couple of weeks ago, I picked up the pink one from the same store.

But now as I write this, I realized maybe it wasn’t the pink eyeshadows, maybe it was my trip to Korea early this year that started it all. I pretty much did skincare haul from Innisfree, because as skeptical I was to their makeup (I know; I know), I do believe in their skincare. Then Innisfree officially opened their store in my country, with really affordable price at that, and I pretty much went wild.

Their Suncreen for oily skin is a dream to apply, even if it’s not as milky as Japanese sunscreen, more in creamier side, it absorbs pretty quickly and doesn’t leave any gray cast on the skin. I picked up aloe revital skin mist on a whim, didn’t expect any skincare benefit from this mist which isn’t what this is marketed for either, it’s really refreshing to spray this all over my face after a long day. Innisfree also have divine sheet and capsule masks, both which I pop in the freezer before use with different benefits.

From the makeup department, my infatuation with warm-toned eyeshadow just got even worse. Following the matte singles from The Saem is Enamel Eyes from Etude House, it’s pretty much cream eyeshadow with fine-shimmer particles, I usually swipe all over the lids for pinkish-orange look, or popping it on the center of my lids for dimension.

Still for eye makeups, Innisfree Microcara is savior for people with short lashes like me, the bristles are really fine and small, making applying them easier, especially for under eyes (no more poking my eyes or accidentally ruining my eye makeup from unstable hand). Auto eyebrow pencil makes drawing my brow (which used to be a nightmare), a better experience.

My collection is growing (too rapidly if I must say), I’m currently waiting for my order to arrive next week (another eyeshadows!). I used to stay away from them because I found these Korean makeup turned really over-priced once they become officially available in my country, plus, western brand does better product in general, at least on my skin. It feels nice to have proven wrong once in a while, now I cannot seem to stop browsing through their website, scoring for pretty warm-toned eyeshadow to pop into my shopping cart (but never actually buy it, because, let’s be real, it’s getting too cluttered in here lately).

Have you tried any Korean skincare or makeup products?
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Current Bedside Situation

THE BODY SHOP Argan Oil body butter has been my go to as of late, I like to slather this on my skin just before bed after a hot shower. It leaves my skin feeling buttery smooth without being sticky. I cannot not have it on my bedside table.

The sweltering weather lately leaves me parched, so I love to have my tumbler next to me. This was SHINee tumbler from SUM Market, perfect size for icy drink; peach tea with tons of ice cube or cold apple juice.

Ever since it arrived late April, I cannot stop adoring BANANAFISH' photography. She really has the talent. They said you can't take a good photo unless your heart is in it, and her loves toward her object shines.

JONGHYUN's BASE / SHE IS & NCT 127 FIRETRUCK have been on repeat since I'm yet to receive my CHERRY BOMB album. BASE is a classic, MONO-Drama is a song I will never get tired of, same with White T-Shirt. Paradise is perfect song for a sunny day drive. These albums are truly the embodiement of summer.

What do you have on your bedside table?
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